The Best Scented Hand Sanitizers For Effective and Fragrant Hand Hygiene

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I always keep hand sanitizer in my purse wherever I go and I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. No matter where I go, hand sanitizer is always with me and I’ve been teaching my little ones about it and how to properly use it for years. If we are out and about and touch germ hotspots, hand sanitizer to the rescue. The last thing I want is for either me or my children to get sick, so I try my best to have good hand hygiene using scented hand sanitizers in order to get rid of all those awful germs, bacteria and viruses.

The Best Scented Hand Sanitizers For Effective and Fragrant Hand Hygiene

I’ve tried plenty of hand sanitizers – I know the good, the bad, the smelly, the aromatic, and today, I’ve partnered up with Ocean Free, leading hand sanitizer manufacturer, to share some of the best Ocean Free scented hand sanitizers. One thing to note, for sensitive skin, it’s always best to use fragrance-free products and Ocean Free also stocks a variety of fragrance-free hand sanitizer gel and liquid hand sanitizer.

Lemon zest hand sanitizer

With a citrusy and fresh aroma, the lemon zest hand sanitizer will leave your hands feeling ever-so-clean. Its formula has 70% alcohol and it has been rigorously tested to all current applicable BS EN standards.

Lemon zest hand sanitizer

Sea breeze hand sanitizer

Missing your holidays? The sea breeze hand sanitizer will take you back to your holidays near the sea. It kills 99.999% of bacteria and germs and it has proven to be effective against viruses.

Scented Hand Sanitizers - Sea breeze hand sanitizer

Aloe vera hand sanitizer

Refreshing and moisturising, the aloe vera hand sanitizer is a great choice. This hand sanitizer will disinfect hands and leave them feeling soft.

Scented Hand Sanitizers - Aloe vera hand sanitizer

If you are looking for the right hand sanitizer to keep your hands both clean and smelling great, these scented hand sanitizers are great choices. When purchasing hand sanitizer, Tidy Away today suggests looking for hand sanitizer that has an alcohol concentration between 60% and 95% as these have proven to be the most effective.

As this article on Family Budgeting mentions, “It’s important to teach your child how to properly use hand sanitiser, and when your child is cleaning their hands with sanitiser, adult supervision is essential to make sure they are not touching their face or ingesting sanitiser.” If you are unsure how to use hand sanitizer, follow Ocean Free’s guide on how to sanitise your hands.

Ocean Free’s guide on how to sanitise your hands.

What do you think of scented hand sanitizer?

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  1. Love the aloe vera one – having used sanitizer a lot through my life thanks to chemos and covid, I know it can be quite drying to the skin – however aloe helps counteract that.

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