How To Add The Personal Touch To Your Home Office

With so many of us working from home now, we need our home office working space to be bright and cheerful. This will aid productivity, improve your mental well-being, and happiness all with a personal touch. Spending 40 hours a week in the same room, with no fellow office colleagues around can be hard mentally. Especially if you are not used to working alone. Therefore I think it’s important to add a personal touch to your home office and I’m going to share with you a few ideas to achieve this.

How To Add The Personal Touch To Your Home Office

Family Photos

Having your family photos in the office will give you motivation. It will help and encourage you to be productive for your family. We all work hard to provide for our families don’t we? Therefore the source of your inspiration is your loved ones. Displaying family photos on your desk will give your home office a personal touch.

Wall Art

Motivational quotes and bright colourful wall art are great for adding that personal theme to your home office. There are many themes, mediums, product types, and colours to choose from to go with your decor and style. Whereas I love phrases and quotes on my wall art, Mr B loves city art prints and architecture.

How To Add The Personal Touch To Your Home Office

Image credit – Fine Art America


If you are decorating your home office from scratch, think about your colour scheme. You want the space to be uplifting, bright airy and cheerful. Colours like orange, yellow and lilac are good choices.

Accessorising in colour will also achieve the effect you require. You can add things like coloured coasters, cushions, and stationery, the kids drawings as well as coordinating your wall art.


As someone who has green fingers, plants are my go-to for my calm and positive mindset. If you are someone who struggles to keep plants alive, Cacti and succulents are excellent to have on the windowsill or shelf. They require little care and attention. But will bring you visual rewards.


Our home office is in the tiny box room, which faces west, so doesn’t get any morning sun. To overcome the lack of light, especially at this time of year, we have used battery operated fairy lights to bring the extra light and a little quirkiness to the room. You can place them over the shelves, your screens, and over your curtain poles for that extra twinkle!

What would you use to add the personal touch to your home office?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope I have given you some inspiration for your home office.

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6 thoughts on “How To Add The Personal Touch To Your Home Office

  1. Lighting is so important. Don’t make do with any old bedside light on your desk. Get a proper glarefree light that does not cast a shadow. Your eyes will thank you.

  2. Don’t have a home office. Not working from home. Though for those who are :- As it is likely to be a spare room / box room, etc that many may be making use of, lighting seems important. Photo / prints, etc which are cheerful, these may help you feel alert, creative, etc.

  3. We don’t have any spare room for a home office but are thinking about a summer house in the garden. There are some great ideas here.

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