The Best Mattresses For Couples

The best mattresses for couples.

How do you choose a mattress together if you have different needs and sleeping styles?

Diagram showing the onside of a mattress - best mattresses for couples.

A mattress for couples should promote motion isolation as opposed to motion transfer. It should adapt to the shape and weight of your bodies and offer comfort. It should also absorb heat but not transfer it to the other party. Movement and heat are the two factors most likely to disturb the other person. People are most often disturbed by their partners shifting, restlessness, snoring and bathroom use in the night. A mattress could help. Mattresses specifically designed for couples’ isolate motion, so if your partner shifts it doesn’t move your side of the bed. A comfortable mattress should also help limit movements during sleep. Two people on the wrong mattress can increase the body temperature that will be difficult to shed and therefore ruin the quality of your sleep.

The Amerisleep AS3 is in the middle of the firmness scale, intended to suit most people, which means it will work for couples with slightly different preferences. The mattress is breathable and cool. The multiple levels of foam provide support where you need it and comfort where you want it. It is designed to reduce contact with reassure point and limit movement. The Amerisleep also offers a 100-day trial and a 20-year warranty, which makes it a worthy investment.

The helix dual extra allows customisation, each person can choose what they would like, one person can have a firm mattress side and the other a soft mattress side if they so choose. Coils and foam aim to maximise comfort whilst providing heat absorption and a breathable design. Undeniably the benefit with this one is the two different sides.

The Luxi 3-in-1 adjustable mattress also offers customisations; it comes as standard, but adjustments can be made by opening the cover and flipping the comfort layers. Couples can go through each setting together until they find one they can agree on. They have a few settings so there should be something there to suit most if not all couples, as long as you can agree on a setting that is! Made of foam again with different layers to allow airflow along the mattress. No coils but the foam should isolate motion.

Choosing a mattress together could be make or break. Do the research to consider how the two of you can get the best night’s sleep. A mattress is an investment financially but also an investment in your relationship, choosing something that suits both of you is important. Considering your needs as individuals will help you narrow down your needs as a couple. Whether you both prefer soft mattress over firm, or whether your current mattress traps heat, or even if you frequently disturb each other’s sleep. There is a mattress out there for you. It could even be one of the above dubbed the best mattress for couples.

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