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I was 12, just at secondary school when I first started to wear glasses. I couldn’t see the blackboard properly. I only wore them at school as I didn’t really want to wear them. Up until this point, I was the only member of my family who didn’t wear glasses. When I left college, I used to wear them less and less until I went to the opticians one day with Mr B at age 26. I was told I need to wear glasses all the time to drive safely. So here I am 10 years later wearing glasses full time.

I now go to the opticians every couple of years and get new frames. I’ve never thought about getting prescription glasses online, until I was asked to look at these new glasses from iChoose. They are great fun and a new way to wear glasses with a difference!

Prescription Glasses Online With a Difference - iChoose

So what are iChoose glasses?

iChoose offer fully customisable prescription eyewear – from frames to sides to lenses. Every frame fits every side and they’re completely interchangeable. Just click them together, and click them apart. Our glasses aren’t just bespoke, they’re modular.

Prescription Glasses Online With a Difference - iChoose

How does it work?

Design your interchangeable glasses in 3 easy steps:

1 Choose your glasses

2 Choose your free sides

3 Choose your lenses

What I thought

I think these interchangeable prescription glasses are brilliant. You can match your glasses to your look. Change it up, go for smart, casual or night time, whatever you are doing. Your glasses can match.

It’s really easy to change the sides. You get a fantastic pouch to keep your sides in. It’s ideal to pop into your handbag so you can change them after work!

changing the sides on ichoose glasses

“Click and Change your look”

Buying new frames all the time can be expensive. Especially if you get bored quickly with your glasses. Choosing the iChoose way, means you can stay in style at an affordable price. I love that all the sides are frames all fit, so you can build up your collection. There is a huge sides library to choose from.

“There are over 10,000 combinations!”

The iChoose website is really easy to use and navigate around. When you start to build your glasses you can head in either the women’s or men’s direction. You choose the colour, shape and material of your glasses.

I chose a frame in black. These came with gorgeous pink sides. Next, you choose your free pair of sides. These come in many patterns, prints, colours, and shades to choose from. I chose polka dots in black for my free pair. You can add as many sides as you wish at an additional £10.

The third step is choosing your lenses. For this, you need your prescription. If you don’t have it to hand pop into your opticians and ask them for a copy. This is what I did. You will also need to know your PD measurement, which isn’t always on your prescription. But it can be found by using the online tool if you have a webcam, or by printing off this ruler.

iChoose aim to have your order on your doorstep with 48 hrs of dispatch. How long you’ll be waiting from the point of order to dispatch can vary depending on the complexity of the order of your lenses.

They have a 7-Day Fit Guarantee, which means you can try out the glasses and change your mind. You just have to make sure everything is returned to them in its original condition and packaging, and with any accessories included within 14 days. This is great, because of course you are buying without trying them on. Also there is a 365-Day product guarantee meaning that if a pair of glasses or sides becomes defective in the 12 months following the order date, you are entitled to a replacement free of charge. Of course it doesn’t apply to accidental damage, or babies pulling them off your face and damaging them!

me wearing ichoose prescription glasses online

It really is simple to choose your frames and sides. I’ve really enjoyed the iChoose prescription glasses online experience and I know I will be a fan for a long time.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed my review and if you are looking for prescription glasses online, you will consider iChoose.

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  1. Oh, excellent! Thank you. I trod on my best glasses ages ago and have been wearing an old pair that look dreadful. I will check out this company.

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