Keeping In Touch With Family and Friends Abroad

Time really does fly, doesn’t it? My older sister moved to Canada around 13 years ago, and I can still remember her leaving that first time. She still comes home to visit around twice a year, and I’ve been to Canada to see her. But it’s not the same as having her around the corner. With an 8 hour time difference to us here in the UK, it can be hard to keep in touch. So I’ve decided to come up with a few ideas of how keeping in touch with family and friends abroad is a must and how to do it.

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We make keeping in touch work. Whether it be by text, Facetime, or email, To a tweet or an Instagram message. Before my dad passed away he used to Skype her, and with him being in his 80’s he didn’t quite understand what Skype was, he used to think it was bloody marvellous!

I’m very close to my older sister, more so than my younger one and there is only 18 months between us. When we do get together we just pick up from where we left off. My girls love their Auntie, L is now old enough to know that her Auntie lives on a “plane” and goes in the sky! She always wants to pick up my phone and speak to her face!!

5 Ways on keeping in touch with family and friends abroad

  • Text and Phonecalls – It’s important to have a mobile phone network that supports international phone calls and texts without costing a bomb. Half Cooked is a great site for checking out and comparing networks to find the right one for you.
  • Schedule Video calls – It’s best to keep to the same time each week, or however often is right for you both. This way no one forgets. Skype or Facetime are popular ways to do this.
  • Postcards – These are a great way to show a snippet of what you are doing and where you are. Shorter than a letter to write, if you are time short.
  • Write a Blog – I know my sister and her friends keep up with what we are up to over here by reading my blog. I’ve always tried to write this blog as a kind of diary of our lives. Along with helpful tips on various things.
  • Email – While you are sorting through your inbox, it’s quick and easy to send off an email to a loved one.
  • Use Apps – There are many apps around that you can use to keep in touch with family and friends. Popular ones like WhatsApp, Life360, and Instagram are all great for this.

What are your favourite ways of keeping in touch with family and friends abroad?

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7 thoughts on “Keeping In Touch With Family and Friends Abroad

  1. So good to stay in touch my brother lives in Dunstable which is a long way from West Yorkshire where I live . We both have ailments that prevent us from travelling sometimes. I don’t like years flying by before I see him so it’s good to have the internet and mobile phone . Modern technology is good to have at least you can have some communication.

  2. What a difference the internet has made to being able to keep in touch with people. I used to message my sister all the time when she lived in Turkey and now still since she’s moved up country 🙂

    Stevie x

  3. Some great suggestions, social media is great for keeping in touch and sharing moments with others

  4. Yes, time flies and it’s easy to get so involved with your own life that you forget to connect with family abroad. We make sure that we speak to each other at the least on birthdays and at Christmas as well as written communication in between.

  5. thank you for sharing.
    It is so important to try and stay in touch and a written letter is great.
    Postcards too.
    We used to write letters and postcards but maybe the computer and smart phone has taken over.
    I have always kept my letters and postcards and this year I was lucky that an old school friend did too and after 50 years we actually got to meet up again.
    (I keep my maiden name so she found me that way).She had kept my letter and brought back copies.
    what a lovley memory.
    I don’t think the computer will do that somehow.
    It’s good to stay in touch.

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