Top Tips For Visiting Canada – Niagara Falls

As you know from some of my older posts, Canada is a special place for me. Yes My sister lives there and yes it’s my favourite holiday destination. But I have never shared my tops tips with you on why Canada especially Niagara Falls is one of the best places to visit. I want to add that Canadians are extremely friendly and helpful so don’t be afraid to ask for help or directions while you are there.

Niagara Falls is one of natures wonders of the world. The majestic falls are stunning. Taking a boat ride on the Lady of the Mist around the falls is not to be missed. If you head to the falls at night they do a breathtaking light show with the falls lit up in different colours. We stayed in a hotel right on the falls and the relaxing sound of the water from the waterfalls by night is amazing.

Lady of the Mist - Niagara Falls

You can take a guided tour and walk behind the falls or even take a helicopter ride over the top. There are many attractions available all around the falls, which makes it a great place for a family holiday. Within walking distance you have the main street where you will find various shops, museums, fun parks, restaurants, and much more.

Before we went we made an itinerary of things we wanted to do and places to go. There is so much choice it’s unbelievable. We thoroughly enjoyed the maze, haunted house and whirlpool aero car. Oh and of course visiting Hershey’s Chocolate World and The Fudge Factory.

Next time we go to Canada I will be using Holiday Gems to find the best deal on flights, as they can be very expensive. Holiday Gems specialize in finding the cheapest holidays and best deals that your money can buy.

View from the CN Tower - Toronto

If you go to Toronto I recommend visiting the Blue Jays stadium and even going on the tour there. Plus head up to the CN Tower, you won’t be disappointed with the view. We visited Toronto on our way down to Niagara Falls.


Have you ever been to Canada?

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