Your Garden Isn’t Just For Summer

A lot of people love to spend the whole of the summer in the garden, either tending to it or celebrating in it. In the UK we unfortunately don’t have too much good weather during the summer, but when we do we love to throw a damn good BBQ. Whilst the colder months aren’t really great for having a BBQ, there’s no reason why you still can’t enjoy the beautiful garden you’ve spent the summer in. There’s plenty of additions you can add that will create the perfect chill out zone, providing the weather isn’t raining!

Take a look at these additions and see which would suit your garden.

Your Garden Isn't Just For Summer

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Chill Out Zone

Sometimes, being out in the open rather than cooped up indoors is what you need. Nothing is cuter than being able to stare up at the night sky, whilst being huddled up with a blanket on a comfy outdoor sofa. Being outdoors is often a lot more peaceful if you’re planning on doing some reading or studying. So, if you’re looking to create that perfect area you need a few additions. The first being the comfa outdoor sofa set that’s going to give you that chillout effect. Then, due to the obviously colder weather, you’re going to need to invest in a patio heater to keep you warm. You could also get a log burner for an extra bit of warmth. Then you’re going to need to focus on security a little as well. Whilst being out in the garden is great, it is a little dangerous. Retailers such as SimplyLED now offer a wide range of energy efficient LED outdoor lights that’ll help keep everywhere illuminated and safe. Nobody wants to sit in the dark either, so creating a bit of light is going to be needed. To keep you dry whilst you’re out there, purchase a big overhead brolly to cover you and the furniture from the elements.


Adults Area

The chill out zone is perfect for all the family, especially the children. So why not add in something that’s going to be special for you. Hot tubs are the perfect addition now we’re heading for the colder weather. There’s something really magical about running through the garden when it’s ice cold, jumping into the bubbling hot hot tub, and looking up at the night sky with a nice glass of champagne. Plus, they’re great for having friends round and having a good time. The perfect mix of relaxation and good times is what a hot tub will mix. Some are expensive, but you can get ones for a little cheaper if your budget doesn’t stretch. They’re not too hard to maintain either, you can follow this simple guide to know how to keep it clean. Again, you could also put up a marquee to keep your dry whilst you’re in there. Even though this is the opposite of what a hot tub does, if it starts raining you’re going to want to know your head will at least stay dry. Rain will just spoil the experience.


What ideas do you have for your garden in Winter?

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