Top Tips On Car Seat Safety

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Car seat safety is extremely important. Every year thousands of children around the world are injured or worse killed in car crashes. Keeping your child safe from harm is top on the list. It can be very overwhelming finding the best car seat on the market and also having it fitted correctly.

What car seat you require depends on the age of your child, the weight and type of car you have. A good tip is to make sure you fully understand how to fit the car seat before you bring your baby home from the hospital if you are expectant parents.

It’s better to keep your child rear-facing for as long as possible, until they are at least 2 years old. Baby girl is 21 months old now and we plan to keep her rear facing as long as possible.

Top Tips on Car Seat Safety

Don’t buy a secondhand car seat as you don’t know its history. The seat may have been compromised in a car accident. We have kept baby girl’s first car seat in the garage. It will just need a bit of a clean ready for baby number 2 next year. If you are using a car seat from family and friends make sure you get the instructions and know the history of the seat.

Remember it’s dangerous to put a rear-facing seat in the front passenger seat when the front airbag is activated.

Some retailers offer car seat fitting guidance when buying a car seat. Please do take them up on this offer to make sure your child’s car seat is fitted correctly.

If you are thinking about changing your car, have technicians that offer car seat safety tips and check the car’s ability to accommodate a variety of car seats.

Buying and fitting a car seat does not have to be complicated and stressful. The more information you know the better it will be for your family.


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