How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden

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Gardening is a hobby of mine. I’ve always loved to read up on what to grow when and where. One thing I don’t have is a herb garden. I have had in the past grown a few herbs in some tubs. But never had a proper herb garden to use and we use quite a few herbs in cooking.

So on my to-do list for next year is to get started with sowing herbs in the garden. I’ve been doing some reading up on how to grow a herb garden, which I’m going to share the tips with you now.

freshly cut herbs from the garden

Firstly you need to decide whether you are growing your herb garden in or outside? Whether you want to grow in pots, a herb patch in your garden or even a trug.

Each herb has it’s own growing conditions, so I’m going to touch base on some of the best herbs to grow in the garden for your cooking. Most herbs require a neutral to alkaline soil for optimum growth. A sunny spot in your garden is best for obtaining a good herb flavour. Well-drained soil, so raised beds or pots is a good idea.

What Herbs To Grow In The Garden

It can be hard to decide what herbs to grow in your garden and what space you have to fill. Here are a few of my favourite herbs to help you decide if any of these are for you.


Basil is a tender herb. It cannot withstand the cold. So it’s best grown in pots that can be brought in for Winter. It loves the warmth so plenty of sunlight is required. Ideal for greenhouses and windowsills.


A great little herb that can be grown anywhere. Perfect for potato salad, soups, and salads, a great all-rounder. It’s pretty much low maintenance to grow, just needs the sun.


My Dad used to grow mint everywhere when we were kids. He used to hang it in the kitchen to ward off the flies in the Summer! Mint can overtake and spread everywhere so you need to keep it under control. One trick my Dad used to do was to grow it in the garden in a bucket that had no bottom. It looks good in the garden and also controls the spread. It’s a good all-rounder and can take on virtually all conditions.

How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden - freshly cut herbs from the garden


Corriander is a delicate annual herb, that needs to be planted continuously throughout the growing season to get a continued supply. It like fertile soil in a sunny spot with some partial shade.


I love dill with salmon. It’s great with fish dishes and pretty easy to grow. It is a shortlived herb and needs moist soil to grow in with some sun and also shade.


I’ve never grown fennel, but they say it’s a pretty robust herb to grow in the garden in any soil, providing it has the sun. It’s easily grown from seeds.


My dad used to love growing parsley and putting it in his egg and bacon pasty he used to make on Saturday afternoons. I have fond memories of this. Sitting down with a slice of egg and bacon pasty in the garden.

Parsley comes in two types, flat or curled leaf. The flat leaf is more popular in the UK. It’s easily grown from seed and a great addition to your vegetable plot. It likes fertile soil and water in dry weather. It’s OK in partial sun but does prefer full sunlight.


I have had my Rosemary bush in a tub in my garden for years. It moved house with us and now lives by the chicken coop. It’s a wonderful evergreen shrub that provides beautiful blue flowers. We use it all year round as a herb. It’s a wonderful decorative shrub as well as useful in the kitchen.

Rosemary is a drought-tolerant plant, loves well-drained soil and in the sun.


Used widely with pork and in the stuffing. Sage is a beautiful all year round herb and looks pretty in the garden. It’s a low growing evergreen shrub and is best situated well-drained sunny spots.

When To Sow Your Herbs

This little infographic from Trago is the perfect go-to chart to show you when to sow and then harvest your herbs. I know I will be popping to my local store for seeds early next year.

How to grow your own herb garden

Do you have a herb garden? They are so easy to grow. If you don’t have the space in the garden a couple of plant pots on your windowsill would be great.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful.

How To Grow a Herb Garden
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7 thoughts on “How To Grow Your Own Herb Garden

  1. Dont have many herbs in our garden a bit of mint and parsley, keep wanting to do a herb garden, its something which i just have never got round to

  2. Love your little growing chart, very useful. I’ve grown mint parsley and coriander this year – the mint has gone wild and is very very peppermint flavoured – a bit strong, the parsley wasn’t too bad and the coriander could have been better – but I’ll try again next year

  3. I definitely don’t have any space in the garden, but plant pots on the windowsil is a good idea, I’ll give that a go

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