Green-Fingered or All Thumbs? How You Can Create a Low Maintenance Garden

As a busy mum, it can be hard to find time to spruce up the garden. If there is ever any downtime, it can be nice to just relax, get some work done, or get some much-needed jobs done around the house. So the garden doesn’t really feature, especially over the winter months. This spring, though, everything will be blooming and flourishing. Unfortunately, that includes the weeds! So if you are looking for ways of creating a low maintenance garden over the coming months, now is the time to do it. By summer, you’ll be needing to pull out weeds every couple of days.

Tips on how to create a low maintenance garden


Here are some ideas of how you can create a low maintenance garden.

Change the Lawn

The ultimate way to create a low-maintenance garden is to get rid of the lawn. In peak seasons you might need to be mowing it every week. No weeds can grow in it if it isn’t there. Laying down pebbles or gravel is an alternative. If you have got young children, though, you might prefer it to be like one large patio, with large tiles laid down. If the idea of having a green space does appeal, though, there is a lower maintenance option. More and more people are choosing to get artificial grass in their garden instead. It will need an occasional clean but is softer for little ones. I’m not sure I’m sold on the idea but I’ve seen bloggers on Instagram that have it, and it does look good.



Rethink Your Fencing

One thing that can get quite tedious is having to reseal or varnish wood fencing. If you are constantly having to repaint it or varnish it, then it does take up time. So the best thing to do, when looking at wood fencing options, is to choose a sealant that is ‘waterproof.’ If you don’t have to reseal or varnish after a rainstorm, then it will save time and make the garden much lower maintenance. You could also think about getting metal fencing instead. Just another option to think about.



Make a Compost

When you make a compost heap in your garden, it is good in many ways. First of all, it can reduce the amount of waste that you throw out. Second, it can help to create a natural fertiliser for your garden. When your garden helps to look after itself, it is on the way to being pretty low maintenance. You can get compost bins that you can hide among the shrubs. You could also make your own with some wood pallets or slats of wood. Just use a corner of the garden and make a start. As long as you turn it occasionally, you can let nature do its thing!

Choose Different Plants

Not all plants are created equal, with some being much more low maintenance than others. In the UK, the weather isn’t particularly hot, but if you did live in a warm climate, you’d pick succulents to have in your garden as they require very little in the way of water or pruning. So they could work in your garden, if you want it to look good but not have to spend too much time on it.

How do you cope with your garden as a busy mum?

I would love to hear your ideas on creating a low maintenance garden.

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