Redecorating tips for parents

Redecorating a home or even a single room can present a series of unique challenges for parents. After all, you not only need to think about finding a design that meets your specific preferences, but you also need to consider ways that you can make every room as fun and safe for your children as possible! While wrapping everything in kid-safe materials might not be the perfect option, it is crucial to find a balance between your own personal style, and your children’s needs.

Here, we’ll take a look at a few of the most important redecorating tips that parents can consider when looking for ways to spruce up their home. After all, it’s more than just the garden that you need to keep child-safe.

  • Create a child friendly space

If you’ve got a spare room in your home, then one of the best ways you can make sure that everything else in your property stays spick and span is by transforming that space into a sanctuary for your kids. It’s all about compartmentalisation. Rather than leaving toys all around the home, your children will come to learn that they keep messy things in a certain part of the house. All you need to be willing to do is let that room get messy during the day. You can always implement an end-of-day routine when everything gets put back in its place before bed.

  • Use the right colours and wallpapers

While your inner interior designer might be tempted to use fancy designer wallpapers and soft pastel colours, if you have young children, then you might need to think a little more seriously about what’s really possible for you. If messy toddlers are a serious concern, then washable wallpaper could save you a lot of money in having to constantly redecorate the rooms of your home. What’s more, darker colours are less likely to show up stains – particularly when it comes to rugs and carpeting!

  • Install the right window shutters

Window shutters can be a perfect way to get the privacy you need desperately within your home, but it’s important to choose the right style. For small children, the best option may be half solid raised window shutters. This way, your children will be less tempted to try and slide their fingers through the gaps in the shutters, and you’ll end up with fewer tears and tantrums around the home. Plus, you get a beautiful, romantic look around the home too!

  • Look for fun storage solutions

Although you might want to keep all your kids’ toys locked away in boxes most of the time, the truth is that they’re probably not going to stay there for long. If you want to keep your home clutter-free, then you should consider installing storage solutions that are fun and easy to access. Use hanging baskets in the living room where kids can easily grab the toys they want and put them away when they’re done, or find furniture that incorporates hidden storage solutions for an easy tidy at the end of the day! Don’t expect to be able to keep all the mess locked away!

  • Use plenty of light!

If you want your home to be welcoming and kid-friendly, then it needs to be filled with light! That means plenty of natural light through large windows if possible, and a number of artificial lighting sources too. Not only will light help spaces to appear bigger and less cluttered, but it will also reduce the risk of accidents in your home by making sure that your kids can see exactly what they’re doing when they’re running around causing havoc. This means less chance of little ones tripping over rugs and wires and ending up with grazed knees.

  • Add personalised art

Finally, don’t forget to add a personal touch to your home with plenty of art. Look for things that are colourful and interesting, so as to help move attention around your rooms. Alternatively, focus on the beauty of the family aspect in your home by scattering pictures from your last holiday across the walls, or framing your favourite images of loved ones. This will help to give your home a warm atmosphere that makes it a fun place to be for both you, and the kids.


When you’re redecorating as a parent, the choices that you make will often depend on your own personal preferences. However, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to spruce up even the most boring room to make it more fun and interesting for the entire family.

Above are just some great ways to enhance your living space, but don’t be afraid to try out your own solutions too!

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