Top Things To Add To Your Garden That Your Toddler Will Love

There are lots of reasons why you should allow your toddler to spend time in the garden. For one thing, the fresh air can be good for them. The open space allows them to run around and play without restriction. Also, you don’t have to worry about spills and marks when they are playing around in the garden. To make the garden extra fun for your child, here are some things that you can add that your toddler will love. Just be careful to ensure they are safe, and you keep an eye on your child while they are doing the below!

Top things to add to your garden that your toddler will love


A Swing

Although your toddler might not be ready for a ton of playground equipment, you could consider getting them a swing which is suitable for their age in the garden. They will love going for a swing, and you will definitely get some giggles from your giggles. And once they are old enough you can upgrade them to a child’s swing. Just make sure they are strapped in before you start pushing them, so they don’t have an accident. Here are just a few your little one might love.

A Fish pond

Another thing your kid will love in the back garden is a fish pond. After all, they can look at the different fishes as they swim in the pond. And it’s a good first pet for your little one. You could even let them name them as they get older. Also, having a water feature in your backyard can give the garden a relaxing atmosphere. Just make sure you put a fence around the pond so that your child can’t run too close to the pond. And make sure you get everything you need for the pond. Invest in plenty of fish food and get a good filter to keep your fish healthy. You can find a wide range of Pond Filters online that you can buy for your pond. And once your child gets a little older, it can be their job to feed the fish. That way, it teaches them some responsibility while they are young.

A Playhouse

When your little one is outside, you might not fancy them playing in the middle of the grass. For one thing, all the toys in the garden might end up ruining the grass. And it can take longer to clear them up once they have finished playing. Also, your kid can end up getting messy if they are sitting on the lawn. Therefore, you should consider building them a playhouse in the garden. That way, they can play with their toys in there, and it’s a good place to store their outdoor toys. As they get older, it can be a place where they spend time with friends during playdates. Check out this article for a guide to making your own playhouse for your child.


Remember that gardening is an excellent way to teach your toddler about the living world. They will also love all the colours and watching everything grow in the garden.

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