Bird Feeder Gift Box Review & Giveaway

Growing up around animals on a small holding gave me such a love for nature and all widlife. This time of year as Autumn is here and Winter is creeping upon us give a thought for the birds in your garden. It’s cold and food is getting harder to find, so why not set up a bird feeder in your garden?

Boxwild bird feeder gift box review and giveaway
It can be a fun activity as well for getting your kids interested in activities in the garden. I remember when I was little mum used to have a cute little pair of robins that lived in the trees in the garden. We used to leave out seeds and fat balls. I loved hearing them singing away.

So when the lovely people at Boxwild contacted me asking if I would love to review one of the gift boxes that they do. I thought it would be a great idea to start attracting more birds to our garden this Winter.

We got sent the Bird Feeder Gift Box to have a look at. They also do the fatty box and various birdseed subscription packages and wildlife subscription boxes.

All of Boxwild’s seed mixes are hand-blended in their kitchens in Surrey. Included in the bird feeder box are the Songbird, Robin and Boxwild blends. Perfect for bird watchers who want to attract various birds to their garden.

Boxwild bird seeds

Also in the bird feeder box is a seed feeder that holds lots of seed, simple to fill and easy for the birds to get the seed out. A great little birdseed scoop which helps with filling the feeder and my favourite, the fruit feeder.

bird feeder and fruit feeder

I love the little house design, its fun! I now need to find a home for it in our garden. The pin easily comes out for you to pierce through an apple.

wooden fruit feeder for birds

With each box sold Boxwild sends a donation to two wildlife charities to support the wonderful work they do. They are currently working with Wildfowl and Wetland Trust and Butterfly Conservation.

I think the bird feeder gift box is great value for money at £28.00 and has everything needed for getting started into bird watching. It’s perfect for children to learn more about the birds in their own garden. Although please make sure adults only use the fruit feeder as the pin can be sharp for piercing the fruit.

bird feeder gift box

You can find Boxwild here on Twitter and Instagram


*I was given this bird feeder gift box in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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205 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Gift Box Review & Giveaway

  1. What a lovely prize. Along with our neighbours we run a popular fly-by eating area for some beautiful visitors in our garden. It would be lovely to offer our visiting birds something different on the menu!

  2. I’m really lucky as I have Blackbirds, Robins, Goldfinches, Blue tits, Great Tits and Coal tits and even long tailed tits. Then there are the Chaffinches, a greenfinch and also plenty of Sparrows, some Starlings and Collared Doves. We have Jackdaws, Rooks and Magpies that live in the trees across the road but I don’t encourage them!!! Last but not least living in Cornwall we have plenty of seagulls soaring overhead!!! Amazing – I love my garden!

  3. we have lots a couple of robins who even layed eggs this year in the nest box a family of blue tits starlings blackbirds pigeons doves and a lovely woodpecker x

  4. We have all sorts, we had 12 collared doves at one point too. But have 4 Wood Pigeons (the most we’ve seen at one point) and also a Sparrowhawk .

  5. Yep we have quite a few. For years we had blackbirds nesting in a bush we had at the bottom of our garden and over the last year we’ve had visits from a beautiful pair of goldfinches so had to buy some niger seeds for them but find the starlings nicking it daily. If we don’t get visits from those the collared doves are quiet frequent visitors which are lovely to see.

  6. For a small garden we see quite a lot of birds. Sparrows and starlings dominate but robin, wren, collared dove, blue tits and great tits are regular visitors whilst jackdaws venture down whenever they see a chance. A sparrowhawk recently feasted on a smaller visitor and overhead we have the beautiful sight of red kites.

  7. Yes we have sparrows, chaffinches, blackbirds, robins, wrens, greenfinches, yellowhammers, blue tits, great tits, a family of woodpeckers and a lot of woodpigeons. We never seem to see any starlings or magpies here though we’re only a few miles out of town.

  8. We get lots of birds Sparrows, Magpies, Crows, robins, Starlings, tits. But would like a feeder. have a table but a squirrel sits in it ad the birds don’t get a chance.

  9. We have quite a variety ranging from blue tits, coal tits, blackbirds, magpies, sparrows, mistle thrush, doves, robin and just very recently a wren

  10. My husband spends a lot of time in the garden. He has a little robin that visits him regularly also starlings, blackbirds, seagulls, collared doves, wood pigeon, great tit, green finch, thrush, sparrows, wren.

  11. We only have a small garden but we get lots of different birds on our bird table and feeder. Sparrows,Siskins,Blue Tits,Crows,Dunnocks,Greenfinches,Coal Tits,Wrens,Chaffinches,Great Tits, Blackbirds, Thrush, Robins, Wagtails (yellow and pied) Doves, Starlings and sometimes the odd appearance of Black Caps Goldfinches & glimpses of Bullfinches too. We love watching them all feed and bathe so much.

  12. We have Sparrows, Starlings, Black Birds, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Robins, Magpies, Pidgeons, doves, wood pidgeons, seagulls

  13. a robin, sparrows, wood pigeons in back garden and 1 very bold male blackbird that loves to get worms from my front garden and will watch you approach as if daring you to come closer lol

  14. Blue tits
    Long tailed tits
    Wood pigeon
    Turtle dove
    Song thrush

  15. I don’t get many, just a few pigeons, a robin & I did see a Wren a few months ago. In our old house we used to have loads of sparrows, pheasants & a friendly blackbird, I miss seeing them.

  16. Blue Tits, Sparrows, Crows, Pigeons, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Blackbirds, Robins, Doves, Egyptian Ducks and Starlings. So as you can see I need all the food I can get for them all x

  17. Yes I know them all wrens, goldfinches, robins, blackbirds, sparrows, chaffinches, blue tits, great tits, magpie, jackdaws, pigeons

  18. We have lots, and feed them every day. They also love our bird bath. We have Robins, Blue Tits, Wrens and Thrushes to name just a few, and watch their babies too

  19. Blackbirds, sparrows, wrens, pied wagtails, doves, pigeons, robins, blue-tits, great tits, thrushes, bullfinches, magpies, chaffinches, greenfinches, starlings, crows, gulls, pheasants and a woodpecker have all been sighted this year 🙂

  20. Yes we have lots of birds visiting our garden among which are: nuthatch, gold crest, chaffinch, goldfinch, bullfinch, siskin, wood pigeon, starling, house sparrow, greater spotted woodpecker, magpie, song thrush, blackbird, robin, blue tit, coal tit, great tit, marsh tit, wren etc etc!

  21. A Fabulous giveaway perfect for this time of year as the Birds need help through the winter I ove it so fingers crossed .

  22. Sparrows and starlings have the numbers but I also get magpies, blackbirds, robins and saw a wren a couple of days ago which was very exciting!

  23. We dont get that many as we have 6 cats, but I’d like this for my parents as they get lots of birds like blue tits, starlings, etc

  24. We have Blue Tits, Great Tits, a Wren, Starlings, Sparrows, Magpies, a Robin, a pair of Collared Doves, Blackbirds and Wood-pigeons.

  25. I haven’t got a proper garden but have been doing a bit of guerilla gardening in the car park trying to attract insects and birds. No luck so far but there are beautiful pigeons and doves in the trees nearby which I love to watch.

  26. We get bunnies, frogs in the back garden and seen hedgehogs in the front garden plus magpies- I have heard owls out the back also x

  27. When we first moved in to this house, it took a while to coax the birds as our estate was a new development and the building works had disturbed the ‘wildlife’. We now have blue tits, great tits, thrushes, a robin (who we’ve named Derek) and a few times we’ve been lucky enough to spot a Kingfisher (our house is close to the canal). I try to look after the birds. In the spring, I put out my cats fur from the brush after I’ve brushed her and I’ve seen the birds take it (presumably to line their nests). I also chop over-ripe or bruised fruit if I have it, as the starlings and blackbirds love these. The birds need extra treats as the weather gets colder and I try to supplement their diet to help in whatever way I can.

  28. We had a squirrel come and empty our feeder! so we got a squirrel proof one now and we often have birds visit. We have a little robin visit most days and a few other little birds. Just lately though we have had lots of doves, pigeons and black birds!

  29. I have the usual sparrows, blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, robins, gold finches etc visiting my garden but very occasionally I see a jay and I have also had a woodpecker visit my feeder. I love to watch the birds – as does my cat!

  30. Do you have birds that visit you in your garden? If so do you know what birds they are?
    AS well as the usual tits and robins etc we are lucky enough to have some Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Green Woodpeckers who come to visit our garden

  31. We have blue tits, coal tits, great tits, and sometimes long tailed tits visiting, robins, blackbirds and the occasional fly by from a sparrow hawk.

  32. we have a few wood pigeons who love our garden and some blackbirds. We get a few starlings and sparrows and the occasional blue tit and robin.

  33. We have blue tits,great tits,long tailed tits,coal tits,robins ,blackbirds,wrens,siskins,sparrows,blue jay and occasionally a sparrow hawk,who WILL feed off the birds I am feeding,Theres nature for you

  34. How adorable would love this giveaway just love all garden birds
    Last year i managed to tame a wood pigeon to eat out of my hand
    I named him George and every evening after work he would come to me for Nuts.

    Good Luck Everybody

  35. I decided a few months back to buy a seed feeder, because I hadn’t seen any goldfinches about and wondered if there were any living locally – well, now I know there are (at least 2 adults and also this year’s babies), because they sit on that feeder for hours on end, just chomping away…

  36. Lots of birds visit our garden including wood pigeons, collared doves, sparrows, blue tits, great tits, goldfinch, chaffinch, starlings and a robin! We’ve even had a jay and a sparrowhawk!

  37. I have an indoor cat who LOVES to look out onto our balcony and watch the birds. It’s coming up to winter now so she won’t be going out with us but having a bird feeder that she can watch would be like having her very own cat TV! PS. She’s a secondhand, one-eyed rescue called Doris.

  38. We have yearly visiting yellow tits that nest in our box out the back. We once received a book from the RSPB to identify garden birds.

  39. i get lots of little birds but i dont know there names im daft like that but i would love to find out and have asked for a bird book for xmas fab giveaway thankyou x

  40. I have blue tits in one of my bird boxes every year (they swap around 3), I get visits from robins, magpies, blackbirds, starlings, chaffinches and have had both a jay and a woodpecker, all of these are in the back garden, we have sparrows out the front and nesting in the front of the house, we also had swifts in the roof for a couple of years but don’t think they came this year. I have numerous bird books that I refer to if I see a bird I don’t know.

  41. Yes we do and I know every one 🙂 I have a “pet” crow called Jet, he is very old now, been cisiting my garden for years

  42. Yes I know all the names of the birds that visit the garden and our local woods and fields and I like the children to recognise birds too . In our garden we have blackbirds, starlings , blue tits , great tits and a couple of long tail tits occasionally , robins, collar doves, pigeons, house sparrows and Dunnocks. no thrushes – they seem scarse these days.

  43. We moved last year from London to the countryside and have been amazed at the different types of bird we’ve had visiting our new garden. Particularly the pheasant last year that liked to come and sit on the hedge to bask in the sunshine!

  44. We have several very small Goldfinches that visit, they are gorgeous! We also have a pair of very large pigeons who terrify our cats!

  45. We have two magpies (two for joy, thank goodness!). Robins and sparrows. Blackbirds too. I put some bread out and cereal.

  46. We live in an upper maisonette with loads of trees in the garden behind and in the churchyard next door, there are hundreds of birds living around us! no idea which ones, but many varieties xx

  47. Blackbirds, starlings, jackdaws, sparrows, robin, blue tit, magpies, collard doves, wood pigeon and seagulls. There are also lots of swifts flying about but they don’t land, they are lovely to watch though.

  48. We get lots of birds in our garden. Mainly magpies, blue tits & robins but also get an occasional pheasant & can hear the Owls on the fence calling at night

  49. yes we get loads, like the typical pigeons, wagtails and robins, my daughter loves watching them and my dog loves trying to chase them although he truggles to realise there is a fence in between him and the lawn!

  50. So many bird visitors, the Goldfinch are most prevalent, but also sparrows, robins, greenfinch, blue tits collared doves, a Jay, and my favourite the blackbird 🙂

  51. We have blutits sparrows and blackbirds andcsome i don’t know the names of
    Sometimes have swanscandcducks too as they miss our local canal and seem to like my garden

  52. We have a couple of pigeons visit and some little sparrows. The other day a Robin red breast landed on our fence I was overjoyed as I love them.

  53. We get all sorts in our garden – Wood pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds who steal all our cherries and blueberries, blue tits, thrushes and wrens mainly. Also have seen greenfinches and goldfinches, all manor of tits, magpies, a woodcock and even a sparrowhawk!

  54. Yes, we have 2 robins and a chaffinch (I think it is anyway) and a blackbird that regularly feed in our garden. It’s great to watch them!

  55. Yes we do, although I am unsure what they are. I do love this time of year as we have a Robin that visits us, I adore Robins.

  56. Apart from the usual sparrows, pigeons etc we used to have a peacock that visited quite regularly. It’s been a while since it was here though.

  57. Yes, we have lots – pigeons, Bluetits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, woodpeckers, wrens, blackbirds, dunnocks, magpies, robins. Occasional goldfinch, siskin, greenfinch, tree creeper can be spotted at the right time of year and place. Never seen a sparrow.

  58. I’d love to win this for my dad, he loves wild birds. He has a bird house attached to the side of the house which as been very active over the years with small birds & he’s had a few young that have been born in there too. I know a few birds but my favourite is the Magpie 🙂

  59. I have a pair of Dunnocks that are quite friendly. A robin, blackbirds, wood pigeons, magpies, a jay, jackdaws, starlings and I have once seen a sparrowhawk in my garden.

  60. I don’t have any as I have 5 cats, but my mum has lots including parakeets, woodpeckers, pigeons, doves and the little birds

  61. We get lots of visitors of all shapes and sizes foxes, squirrels and lots and lots of birds – magpies, pigeons, robins, blue tits, jays and some I have no idea what they are called, extremely blessed when you think I live in Sheffield

  62. Blackbirds, starlings, pigeons, doves, sparrows, and blue tits. My son is most excited by the robin who has arrived this week.

  63. I live right in the centre of London but I’m very lucky to have a small garden, I get mostly pigeons but I have had blue tits as well

  64. I live out in the sticks so we’re like bird city! We have loads and loads of rooks which make an absolute racket but I love them, they’re very sassy and funny to watch. There’s also a little robin that lives nearby and sings a good loud song. There’s loads of little brown and black ones that I don’t know the names of too, as well as doves/pigeons. It’s lovely round here. 🙂

  65. My Mum & Dad’s garden gets a lot of birds visiting them we know some of them like blue tits & robins but some different wrens too 🙂

  66. i’m not great at names but i do recogonise our resident robin & pair of blackbirds. there is also a pair of magpies and bats nearby

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