Organising a Kid’s Birthday Party: Top Ideas You Need To See

Every mum starts to panic when it’s time to organise their kid’s birthday party. After all, you have to entertain a bunch of kids for a couple of hours. And it’s tricky to find activities that they will all love. And you need to keep within budget at the same time! You might be surprised to know the average birthday party can cost around £100! Therefore, you need to make sure it’s something that your kid will love for that price! Here are a few top ideas for your child’s birthday party that you need to see.



Take the kids swimming

If you have a swimming pool close by your home, you should think about organising the birthday party there. Swimming is a fun activity that the kids can all do at the same time. They will have so much fun splashing around in the pool for an hour or two. For larger parties, you might even want to hire the pool. You could even arrange for the centre to provide food and drinks for the kids after they have been in the pool. That way, it saves everyone coming back to your home after swimming! With swimming, it’s best to invite the parents along as you will struggle to keep an eye on all the children at once!


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Head to laser tag

You can thrill the kids by arranging a trip to laser tag. It’s a fun activity which will keep them busy for an hour or so. It’s perfect for adventurous kids that love a challenge. And girls love it just as much as boys! And the best thing about having a birthday party at laser tag is that they often do a full service party for you. For example, Stratum birthday parties are all-inclusive, so you will have food and drink thrown in. You pay one set price, and then each kid will have a game and plenty to eat and drink! It will save you the stress of organising the party.

Go to a restaurant

A lot of people head to a restaurant for their kid’s birthday so that they don’t have to host the party at their home. They will cook all the food, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You need to choose a child-friendly restaurant to take the kids to such as Pizza Hut or Frankie and Benny’s. That way, the kids won’t bother other diners who want to enjoy their meal. It would be a good idea to get a menu to the parents before the day. They can then choose a meal for their child and you can order in advance. Otherwise, it will be a struggle on the day to pick food for the children. As you can see in my previous blog, you can still bake a cake to take along for your child.


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And remember that if the above is out of your budget, you could host a fun party in your home. Here are some ideas that won’t cost a fortune.


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I would love to hear about all your tips for organising your kid’s birthday parties. I shall be organising my first when baby girl turns 1 next year!

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