3 Things Your Front Garden Desperately Needs

Don’t get lured into the trap of devoting all your attention to the back garden. Granted, this is usually the biggest garden you have, and it’s where you spend more of your time. Do you ever really go out into the front garden? No, but it’s still very significant! You see, this is the garden people notice when they walk past your house. An ugly front garden can make the rest of your home look bad. So, to make a good impression, you need an immaculate front garden. 

3 Things Your Front Garden Desperately Needs!

Here are three things your front garden desperately needs:

Some regular TLC

First of all, be sure to give your front garden some regular maintenance. Again, it’s easy to forget about this when you spend so much time in your back garden. But, don’t neglect the front; all of your back garden maintenance tasks will apply here as well! Mow the lawn at least once a week in summer, get rid of any weeds, and just generally take care of the area. This step will instantly transform your front and turn heads when people walk on by. 

A garden fence

For me, a fence is essential for a front garden. I’ve got two reasons for this! Firstly, it makes the area look a lot neater and more homely. So, from an aesthetic perspective, fences are a must. Secondly, it adds some extra security and protection for your front garden. The fence separates it from the street, stopping people from accidentally treading on your lawn – or letting their dogs go to the toilet! Obviously, there are different types of fences you can choose from to erect in your garden. My advice is to look at the various materials and styles, comparing them to your home. You need this fence to match your property’s exterior design, or it will stick out and look ugly. 

Some flowers

Lastly, you need some flowers in your front garden. I’m a big advocate of planting things in your back garden – like vegetables, fruit, and any other plants. In the front garden, you can’t really plant any edible stuff. The close proximity to the road means the conditions aren’t as desirable, and you probably have less space anyway. Instead, you should plant some lovely, colorful flowers. A stunning flower bed will make your front garden stand out from the crowd. Heads will turn, and the colors brighten up your exterior design. If you don’t want to plant a flowerbed – or lack the space – you could get some flowerpots instead. They work just as well, producing a similarly colorful effect. 

Add these three things to your garden if you want to improve the way it looks. In turn, this instantly upgrades your property and makes it look far nicer than ever before. I know your back garden demands a lot of attention, but don’t forget about your little front one! Ultimately, your rear garden is more about functionality and aesthetics. This is a place you will spend some time and may even entertain guests. With your front, it’s purely about aesthetics and making the front of your house look beautiful.

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  1. I have a lot of moss on my front garden and a lot of birds that pick at it………….. am thinking of introducing some more shrubs to hide the mess

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