Five Tips to Consider For a Small Wedding

Weddings are a celebration of two families coming together and ultimately two people celebrating their love for each other, however the size of weddings vary considerably from intimate gatherings, to lavish weddings for hundreds of guests. With the current restrictions in place for weddings until March 2021, only small weddings are allowed for 15 people but this doesn’t mean you can’t plan a beautiful wedding day.  We have put together five tips for you to consider when planning a small wedding that will help you to create your perfect day.

Five Tips to Consider For a Small Wedding

There are so many benefits to holding a smaller, intimate wedding and it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, in fact in some cases a smaller wedding is actually a positive thing as it will allow you to have a bigger budget to spend per person, plus extra allowance for extras that you may have not been able to have if you were planning a larger wedding.

A small wedding has a more intimate, personal feel and depending on the time of year you choose to get married, can be a very cosy occasion. The main thing to remember is that it’s your day, and it should reflect what’s important to you both as a couple.

1. Work out Your Budget

One of the main things when planning a wedding is to get your budget organised. Once you’ve worked out how much you have to spend, you can then allocate it to the areas that are the most important to you both.  With a smaller number of guests you will have more money to spend per head, so it gives you the option to be generous with the menu choices. The biggest thing to remember is that this is your day so choose to spend your budget on the areas that mean the most to you both, whether that is food, music décor or wedding hair and makeup services

2. Choose the Venue

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your perfect venue from country houses, to boho inspired outside areas.  The main thing to think about when choosing your venue is to choose somewhere that complements the size of your wedding party.  With a smaller, intimate wedding it’s the perfect opportunity to choose a small country venue that gives you exclusive use for the duration of your day. 

3. Create Your Guest list

If you’re planning a small wedding you will need to think about your guest list and the people you want to attend. With current restrictions in place this means your guest list numbers will only be 13 people, so it’s important to think about who you really want to attend your wedding. It will most likely only be immediate family and perhaps a couple of friends that can attend, however don’t let this put you off, try to look at it positively that it will allow you to have more money per head to spend.  

Sometimes this might be a positive thing for couples as it means you won’t need to feel the need to invite all of your friends and acquaintances to celebrate your day with you, and allows you to only invite those people who are closest to you both.  Obviously we understand that this may be more than 13 people, however one good tip is to look at ways of creating a live stream of your wedding for those family and friends who are unable to attend. This is an in-expensive way to still allow these people to still experience your special day, just not in person. 

4. Make it personal

When organising a small wedding within the current restrictions, you will still be able to have your wedding ceremony followed by a small wedding reception followed by speeches as part of your day. This is usually the part of the wedding day that many people get nervous about especially if they don’t like public speaking, however with a smaller wedding there is less pressure and it’s a more intimate environment, so hopefully this might stop some nerves! This father of the bride speech guide from Better for Worse may help with some useful tips and insights for creating the perfect speech. The main thing is to speak from the heart and make it personal to you. 

When planning your wedding day it’s important to also choose suppliers who compliment your style and personal taste. Music for example is an important aspect of your day that can have the power to really enhance the ambience of your special day. Your suppliers do not count as part of your 15 person limit so you could spend a little more on having some live music as part of your ceremony and wedding breakfast, as it will really enhance your day.

5. Be Creative

Planning a smaller wedding will allow you to have more flexibility and creativity when it comes to the venue decoration. Just because you are having a smaller venue doesn’t mean you need to compromise on quality. There are so many creative ideas for you to choose to decorate your ceremony room and wedding reception, from arches, candles, lighting that will help to create a cosy, intimate ambience. If you are planning a winter wedding, this is the perfect time of year to make use of lighting and candles to create a really cosy atmosphere.  Your wedding breakfast is a good opportunity to be creative and create a menu that you both love, and with a larger budget per person, you will be able to create something really lavish if you choose to.

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