ARRAN Sense of Scotland Home, Bath and body care Review

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I’m a huge fan of luxurious home and body care products, and I was intrigued when ARRAN Sense of Scotland got in touch asking me to try a few of their products. I was interested to find out what made their products special and stand out in the bath and body care market. Before I share with you my thoughts on the products I was sent, here is a little background information on ARRAN.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Home, Bath and body care Review - Glen Rosa and Machrie shower gel

The Isle of Arran in Scotland is the home of this unique brand. For three decades, they have been creating vibrant, evocative scents from the Home Farm factory, an old dairy farm for the historic Brodick Castle. Starting off as a family soap business.

ARRAN are inspired by nature, the beautiful untouched, natural elements that surround their land. Water from their very own freshwater spring finds its way into each and every one of the products.

Here are the beautiful products I received to try out.

After the Rain Hand Care Gift Set

ARRAN has collections of scents that inspire and will connect you to their origins of the island. After the Rain captures the unique scent of a spring garden on Arran, following a rain shower. This scent reminds me of my childhood growing up on the farm and walking through the meadow in the morning after a heavy dew. It has a hint of citrus with floral from rose combined with sandalwood.

After the Rain Hand Care Duo

In this duo, you get the 300 ml hand wash and hand cream. The bottles are huge and will last ages! Your hands will smell amazing and be super soft after using both the hand wash then the hand cream. The bottles are beautifully designed with the wood effect pump tops.

After the Rain Hand Care Duo in the bathroom

After the Rain Discovery Set

This cute discovery set will make a lovely introduction gift to ARRAN’s After the Rain fragrance. It’s perfect and just the right size to try out products first. Then if they love the items, which I’m sure they will! The full-size versions can be bought.

The Discovery Set includes a 30 ml Bath & Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion and Soap.

After the Rain Discovery Set

Wild Gorse Room Spray

Growing up on a farm here in Cornwall, we were surrounded by gorse all the time. We used to joke about as young kids, saying we could turn the scent from the yellow gorse flower into a perfume. I’ve never found anything that has captured that exact scent until now. This Wild Gorse Room Spray has brought back many nostalgic memories for me. In fact, as soon as it arrived, I was straight on the phone to my older sister, who is now in Canada, telling her about this! I’ve promised to not use it all until she comes home so she can smell it. Mind you, I will be definitely buying this for myself!

Wild Gorse Room Spray

The smell is beautiful, a deep, rich floral smell, that has a sticky sweetness to it! I love it! My house is now smelling of the gorse wildlands of my childhood! The room spray comes packaged in an ARRAN Home tin.

Wild Gorse Room Spray for the home

Glen Iorsa Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist Spray

Mr B has trouble unwinding for sleep a lot of the time. So we decided to try out this Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist Spray on his pillow before bed each night. He’s only been using it a few days and he has found it helps to clear his mind and relax. It’s designed to create a sense of peace with the calming properties of lavender and spearmint. You can use it to spray in the bedroom as well as on the pillow.

Lavender and Spearmint Calming Pillow Spray

Glen Rosa Fig & Ylang Ylang Bath & Shower Gel

This fig and ylang-ylang shower gel is made with essential oils and paired with notes of honeyed fruit, green leaf and even a hint of coconut. Enriched with the goodness of Pro-Vitamin B5 for a super nourishing and cleansing formula, the Glen Rosa shower gel is the ultimate treat for a morning shower or evening bath.

I rarely have baths, I’m a shower girl, and using this beautiful Fig & Ylang Ylang in the mornings has been wonderful. It not only leaves you smelling great, but it leaves your skin soft. The scent is another winner from ARRAN, and you can buy the accompanying body lotion and Eau de Toilette to build on the scent to go with.

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Home, Bath and body care Review - Glen Rosa and Machrie shower gel

Machrie Mens Bath & Shower Gel

Mr B needs a shower gel to wake him up in the mornings. He usually goes for a lemon or line zesty fragrance gel. But this time he has been trying out the Machrie Bath and Shower Gel. It combines essential oils of sea salt, labdanum, myrrh, clary, sage, patchouli and rockrose. It is an awakening and refreshing fragrance, which is ideal for him in the mornings. Plus the mineral qualities of sea salt and rockrose cleanse and nourish the skin.

Final Thoughts

You can head over to the ARRAN Sense of Scotland website to purchase these products and to find out more information. I know you won’t be disappointed with the luxurious quality and the scents of these. I only recommend products I love and have tried out myself, and I know I’ve discovered my ideal bath and body products. Not forgetting the Wild Gorse room spray for the home!

You will also find these products in my Annual Family Christmas Gift Guide, as I believe these products would be perfect for a loved one this year.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to try ARRAN – I always hear great stuff about it. I might put it on my Christmas Wish List 😉 especially the Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist Spray – sounds beautiful!

  2. The Arran range of products are quality products. Gourock to see that range is quite varied, and that the men have been provided for by this quality brand.

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