Why Shoulder Bags are Always in Demand

Every wardrobe needs at least one shoulder bag, but sometimes more than one. It all depends on how much stuff you need to carry around. Most shoulder bags are bigger than a traditional handbag with a strap that sits on the shoulder, leaving the bag dangling beneath one arm. Shoulder bags don’t cut across the body and rest on the opposite hip in the same way cross body bags do. The strap isn’t long enough. 

Why Shoulder Bags are Always in Demand


Designer shoulder bags have longer straps than a handbag, so it is guaranteed to rest on a shoulder without cutting off circulation into an arm or scrunch a coat sleeve. They’re easier to move from shoulder to shoulder than crossbody bags. Some shoulder bags have adjustable straps, so they’re long enough to just about double as a crossbody bag. Some handbags have straps that are so short they can only be carried or worn on the wrists, not so good when you need to be hands-free. 


There isn’t all that much of a difference between a handbag and a shoulder bag. Most people use the term interchangeably. A traditional handbag may not be large enough to carry makeup, and the strap tends to be rather short. Some styles of shoulder bag are large enough to double as an overnight bag. 

Before packing up for a shopping trip, remember that just because it fits, it doesn’t mean it has to come with you. If you are only bringing your shoulder bag to shopping, it will be sitting on your shoulder all day without a break. If you are going from day to night, with work first, a large shoulder bag will hold your makeup, dancing shoes and clutch bag on top of the day-to-day essentials. 


Due to their size, it would be easy for stuff to get lost inside them. A lot of shoulder bags offer extra compartments, so it is easy to stay organised and spend less time delving around looking for that tiny bottle of lip-gloss. If you need both your pens and your eyeliner pencils in the same day, you won’t need to throw in the entire pencil case and makeup bag, which makes the bag that much lighter. There are compartments in a lot of shoulder bags to hold pencil-shaped objects. 


If you’re the type of person that needs to carry a lot around with you on a regular basis, the shoulder bag will become your wardrobe staple. You’ll want extra bags so each one will enhance your style rather than look like a gaudy oversized accessory. 


Every woman needs at least one shoulder bag for when bigger is better. Fashion is an outward statement of who you are. The wrong bag says the wrong thing. A designer shoulder bag is much better looking and more convenient than carrying around a lot of little bags. More than a few little bags are hard to manage with the risk of one becoming lost.

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