How To Stay In Shape As You Get Older

Thanks to better healthcare, reduced smoking rates and improved working conditions, men and women in the UK are living longer. In 2019, we saw a surge in life expectancy: according to the Office for National Statistics, life expectancy for women increased to 83.6 years, and 79.9 years for men. Now that we’re all living longer, it’s essential to do all we can to stay as healthy as possible as we get older. And one way to do this, is to stay in shape in the best way we can.

How To Stay In Shape As You Get Older

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop the things you love doing. In fact, it’s important that you try to stay as active as possible, so that you can stay agile, and have lots of energy when the grandchildren come over! So, what activities can you do to ensure that you stay fit?

Look after your heart by going for daily walks

As individuals get older, they might start to get tired quicker, and notice aches and pains that weren’t there before. One way to stay active – without putting too much strain on the body – is by walking. A daily stroll won’t be strenuous, but if you do feel any strain on your joints, investing in some knee supports from the likes of Mobility Solutions may be a good idea. 

Follow a healthy diet

As you get older to stay in shape, it’s important that you continue to eat smart. Foods with protein, minerals and vitamins will all help to keep you healthy, so ensure that you incorporate a range of beans, pulses, eggs, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products and oils into your diet – all within moderation. Being overweight can be very dangerous, so limit the amount of stress on your body by adopting a balanced diet.

Recharge your liver

If you like to have an alcoholic drink with your evening meal or find that a drink in the evening helps you to relax, try not to make it a daily occurrence. You can recharge your liver by avoiding alcohol for a few days of the week.

Keep your joints healthy

Knees, hips and shoulders can often get painful, but if you carry out exercises that help to strengthen the muscles around the joints, you’ll be reducing the chances of having to get them replaced. Yoga, swimming and cycling are all great exercises that you can try.

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5 thoughts on “How To Stay In Shape As You Get Older

  1. I go for a walk daily, and I’ve also cut down my alcohol intake by using a slimming wine that has no alcohol and lower calories. It doesn’t quite have the same taste but after drinking it for a few days I now quite enjoy it.

  2. I really need to get out of the habit of a glass of wine after dinner! I try to walk a lot but really need to up it to maybe a run a day now that I dont have a job so it is not an excuse that I am too busy!. Great tips.

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