Men’s Hairstyles Over The Decades

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2020 marks five years since I started blogging, I have written about many topics over those five years. I’ve learned that if you give me a keyword I can basically write about anything! English was never my strong subject at school, but now I absolutely love writing and write every day. Anyway back to the point of this post. I’m going to share with you all the different men’s hairstyles over the decades since we have now entered a new one! It’s good to laugh and reminisce about the men’s hairstyles over the years. I remember watching Top of the Pops with my sisters discussing hairstyles and fashion throughout the late ’80s and ’90s, it was a pastime of ours!

Men's Hairstyles Over The Decades
Men’s Hairstyles Over The Decades

Men’s Hairstyles of the ’50s

  • Classic Greaser

This is the wet, slicked-back look heavy with product. Pointed sideburns are a must as well as poker straight hair.

  • Classic Pompadours

Long sides and fringe that is slicked back. Short at the back. Known for its shine and height at the front. To update the look for this new decade why not try this customizable and professional human hair toupee. It will help to give you the height in your hairstyle.

  • Sleek Hollywood

Cary Grant style. Neat side parting, a conservative look.

Men's Hairstyles of the '50s
Men’s Hairstyles of the ’50s

The ’60s

  • The Mop-Top

Classic Beatles look. The fringe grazed the eyebrows in front and hung down to touch the shirt collar in back.

  • The Rockabilly Look

Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash wore these looks. This style sported a swept-up, waved and locked in place look. The hair is short in the back and long in the front, with the front pieces worn swept up and away from the face, secured with wax.

The ’70s

Lots of long natural hair graced the ’70s as well as moustaches!

  • The Shag

A popular unisex style with lots of evenly-progressing layers with a fringe. Layers on the top are the shortest and gradually get longer as you go down the head.

  • Californian Surfer Hair

Thick shaggy highlighted hair, with a tousled, carefree and sun-kissed look.

The ’80s

  • The Mullet haircut 

Short on the front sides and long in the back. Mullets were popular in the suburban and rural areas among working-class men.

  • Big Hair

Most ’80s popstars had big hair, mousse added volume and perms were big also. Punk, crimped and wild were contenders for the most outrageous hairstyles.

The ’90s

  • Curtains

All the posters on my bedroom wall were of popstars with curtains. The Backstreet Boys, Take That, even Brad Pitt all had curtain fringes.

  • Tramlines, Bleached, Bowl Cut

These were all the rage in the ’90s and heading into the ’00s. Lines were shaved into the head.

Men's Hairstyles - The '90s
The ’90s

Men’s Hairstyles of the 2000s

  • The Shag

The ’00s shag is shorter than the 1970’s version. Zac Efron made it popular with young men.

  • The Emo Cut

Long razored bangs, black dye, and rough texture – Pete Wentz wore the look well.

  • The Textured Cut

One of the most popular of the 2000’s is the textured cut. The hair is cut aggressively short on the sides and back while the top is point cut with shears or cut with a razor to add aggressive texture. 

Wow, there is a lot of change in men’s hairstyles over the years, I do hope the curtains are gone for good though – so not a good look now!

Which decade contained your favourite men’s hairstyles?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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