Family Life Update June 2020

If you caught up with our family life May update, we were deciding whether to send L back to preschool at the start of June. But they didn’t have a place for her then. But a week or so into June she was offered a place to start back on July 1st. So she is off! She’s so excited to go back, and I am for her. Read on to see what else we have got up to in our family life update June 2020

L in the garden - family update june 2020

I finally received this gorgeous elegant jacket from Rydale after it was sent to me in March. It’s a funny story really. The jacket got delivered to someone else back in March, then we all went into lockdown. When things started to get back to normal, that kind person took it to a Mole Valley Farmers store about 20 miles from me. Then a chap there called Gary (thank you if you are reading this!) called me to say he had my parcel from Rydale and did I want him to send it down to me.

I’m in love with the berry colour and look at the gold lining! It’s very sophisticated! Perfect for our Autumn and Winter country walks, It comes in other colours and a gilet style if you prefer. There are some other lovely new items over in the ladies’ collection to check out including a cute navy button-down blouse with sheep on it! The great thing about Rydale clothing is that they are super stylish with a country twist.

Rydale Ladies Quilted Jacket in Berry

In June I also had a phone call from a local health visitor for little dottie’s 2-year check-up. It really took me by surprise as I’ve had no contact with a health visitor since she was around 8 weeks old. Mr B and I used to take her to our doctor’s self weigh room to weigh her. At first, she said that little Dottie had her 1-year check-up in November, and I was like um I don’t think so as she was close to 19 months by then! Then she backtracked and said oh no we were scaled back so didn’t get around to giving you a call! But I spoke to her for around 40 mins going through numerous questions. For once the girls were as good as gold and not running riot in the background. She scored highly for most areas, it’s just her speech is a little behind from what L was at this age. But we are working on that and she’s improving each day.

Little Dottie picking up pebbles at Marazion

Our fruit and veggies plots seem to have come alive in June. With May being hot and dry and June mostly damp and wet everything has grown! We have had lots of strawberries, a whole crop of radishes, a few blueberries and lots of cherries this year. Our rhubarb is enormous now, the onions are coming along nicely and I’ve just planted late Summer lettuce leaves.

fruit from our garden

I’ve completed my first full month of being fully self-employed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It is quite scary not knowing when the next paid work is coming from, and all the COVID-19 stuff is literally pants with work being put on hold or cancelled. But being your own boss is just the best. I just need to get myself more organised with the time I have to put my plans into place for future projects I have in mind. But time will come once L is back at preschool and then school in September.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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