End of July 2020 Roundup – End of Term and Visting the Shop

Here we are again at the end of yet another month. July has been a good one. This is actually my second update for this month. You can catch up with my mid-month update here. If you read back through that post you will see that L went back to preschool. An exciting time for her to see all her friends. She is loving it! Last week she graduated preschool with her friends. It was so emotional seeing the pictures. Obviously I was gutted like other parents that this stupid Coronavirus has stolen these precious times away from us and we have to make do with photos. When we got home we sat down and read through the learning journal of her time there. I will just add that her last day isn’t until the end of August as she goes the whole year, not just term time. So we have that coming up at the end of next month.

End of July 2020 Roundup - End of Term and Visting the Shop

Last Saturday I ventured out to our local Farm Foods store to fill up our chest freezer. I do this every 6-8 weeks. I was there as soon as it opened at 8 am to avoid as many people as possible. This was the longest time I’ve worn a face mask and I actually found it not to bad. I had to do a few adjustments in the car to make sure my glasses didn’t steam up. I’ve got a few different face coverings, a cotton mask, a tubular bandana type of mask, like these from hoorag.com and then a homemade covering which you can just pop around your neck and pull up over your nose and mouth. It looks like part of a sleeve! It came in on the 24th July that it is mandatory to wear face-covering in all shops. Although I don’t intend to visit many shops just yet, It’s handy to keep a clean spare mask in the car for popping in to buy fuel. It’s really becoming the “new normal” to wear a face-covering in public. I honestly thought it would be hard to get used to it, but that isn’t the case at all. Under 11’s are exempt from wearing any type of face covering, but I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable taking them to a supermarket. L is in her bubble at nursery with her friends and no parents are allowed into the nursery building. It’s funny but I can remember the last time they went into a supermarket back in the middle of March and it was scary as everyone was stripping the shelves of toilet paper. I think back to that time now was the end of the “normal”.

L and Little Dottie in their muddy puddle suits

As part of plastic free July we have swapped our plastic toothbrushes for these fantastic wooden ones from Humble Co. They are a great Eco-friendly alternative for children and adults. The girls loved the different colour bristles and they are soft for young teeth. You can get them from from Holland and Barrett for £3.99 each.

Humble Brush - eco-friendly wooden toothbrush

So that’s the end of another month and our July 2020 roundup. We don’t have any plans for August, and to be honest, we don’t feel like going anywhere. It’s crowded down here in Cornwall with everyone on their staycations, so we feel more comfortable staying at home in the garden and the occasional walk in some secret places we know.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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