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I’m so excited to share my review today of *The House Party by Mary Grand. It’s been agonising waiting for my turn on the blog tour organised by the lovely Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources! So where do I start? Well first here is a little bit about the book – you are in for a treat!

The House Party cover

Book Description

Someone is about to die… Someone is about to lie…

At the intimate house-warming party for her glorious ‘grand design’, Kathleen confides in her best friend Beth that she is terrified of one of their close friends, but daren’t reveal which one. The guests are a tight-knit group, but Kathleen is convinced one of them is dangerous.

The next day Kathleen’s body is found at the foot of a cliff and Beth must face the sickening truth that she may have been killed by one of their trusted friends. With little help from the police, Beth’s decides to seek answers.

All the friends have secrets they are desperate to hide, but only one of them is ready to kill to keep theirs safe…

The House Party is set on the Isle of Wight – insular, claustrophobic, and with nowhere to run. Mary Grand has written a heart-stopping novel of secretsbetrayal and desire, perfect for fans of Louise Candlish and Lucy Foley.

My Thoughts

I read The House Party so quick! it was unputdownable! Definitely a top contender for the psychological thriller for 2020, and I will tell you why.

Set on the picturesque Isle of Wight, The House Party is a thriller with a difference. Everyone is friends, but friends with secrets. The whole story evolves around two main characters, Kathleen and Beth. But Kathleen is the one that has fallen to her death right at the start of the book. Did she fall or was she pushed? Ahh this question pops up so many times throughout the book. I had myself changing my mind constantly! Beth is good friends with Kathleen and takes it upon herself to find out exactly what happened. But she is putting herself in grave danger.

Beth finds it hard to trust any of her friends, doubt even seeps in over her husbands whereabouts of the morning of the death. She knows it’s her job to find out what happened to her friend and she won’t stop until she has found the truth. Even if that means hurting her friends in the process.

I have never known a book like this with so many twists, and any of the group of friends could have done it! It’s actually a pretty complex plot, with ends flying around everywhere! You will get absorbed into Beth’s investigations and trust me you won’t be able to sleep until you discover the truth.

The House Party by Mary Grand is a whopping 5 out of 5 stars from me and I can’t wait to read her next book. The book of the Summer for me so far!

Where To Buy

You can buy The House Party by Mary Grand from *Amazon and start reading it within a few minutes on your *Kindle!


Author Bio

Mary Grand is the author of five novels and writes gripping, page-turning suspense, with a dark and often murderous underside. She grew up in Wales, was for many years a teacher of deaf children and now lives on the Isle of Wight where her new novel, The House Party, which will be published by Boldwood in July 2020, is set.

The House Party Blog Tour Stops

The House Party Blog Tour Stops
The House Party Blog Tour Stops

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