Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

The internet is a great way to stay connected with family and friends, and instantly access information. However, many parents worry about their child’s safety whilst online.

There are risks involved in allowing your child to go online unsupervised. Therefore, it is a good idea to discuss these risks with your child and make them aware of the different online dangers. 

Exploring Internet Safety with Your Child

Here are some tips from an independent school in Somerset on teaching your kids about internet safety…

Do your research

Start by educating yourself about Internet safety. There are lots of helpful online resources that cover topics from cyberbullying to privacy settings. If you require further advice on internet safety, your child’s school may also be able to help. Talk to your child about how they are spending their time online and regularly check in to make sure everything is ok.

Discuss online safety

How much you disclose to your child about the dangers of the internet depends on their age and maturity. Explain that talking to strangers online isn’t safe and sometimes people aren’t who they say they are. Advise your child to never accept friend requests from people they do not know. It is also crucial to stress to children that they should never meet any strangers they have spoken to online. 

Discuss online bullying

Bullying is commonly found within online games and social media channels. Children may be deliberately excluded from games by their friends, or criticised for how they look in certain pictures. Other users may swear or use abusive language in chat features or comments, so it is important that your child understands how to report this behaviour. If your child is experiencing online bullying, tell them to talk to you and show them how to use blocking and reporting features.

Discuss online bullying

Use parental controls 

It is also really important that you keep an eye on what social networks, chat rooms or games your child is using and ensure that you have the right parental controls in place. Some online games have the option to switch off the ‘chat’ function completely so that your children can not make contact with others.

Set rules together

Establish some family rules for your child to follow when it comes to using the internet. For instance, tell your child which websites and apps are off-limits and which ones they are allowed to use. They should also be aware of how long they can use their devices, as too much screen time can cause bad habits. Other rules include things like never responding to unknown messages and never sharing personal information online.

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