The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsmith

I love subscription boxes and you can honestly get them for almost anything nowadays. The latest one we are reviewing is for baby girl. It’s an educational box for illustrated word learning by Mrs Wordsmith. We are reviewing the younger of the two, The Social Journey for ages 2-5 years. The older box is called The Narrative Journey and that’s for ages 6-13 years.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

What is The Social Journey?

It’s about giving your children the opportunity to develop social and emotional intelligence with the right words, hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar.

What’s in the box?

  • A picture book – Which contains 20 social and emotional development words per book: 5 starter words to unlock 15 more challenging words and concepts.
  • Word of the Day activity workbook – Where you can explore deeper into each word, and make them memorable with activities backed by the latest early years research.
  • Word Cards – Bright and colourful flashcards can be used as word reminders.
  • Stand – A sturdy, colourful stand to hold your child’s Word of the Day Workbook. You can set it somewhere central to make learning new words a habit.

The stand is only included with your first box.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

What are the benefits of The Social Journey?

  • It gives them a good start for school
  • Provides the words to express themselves and be aware of their needs with words like hungry and sleepy.
  • It helps to develop collaborative life skills
  • Brings words to life with colourful and fun illustrations from the Emmy award-winning artists behind Madagascar.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

What we thought

Opening the box was really exciting, as the box felt fairly heavy. Inside was an array of cards and books that we couldn’t wait to get started with.

My daughter being two and a half is at the lower age range, but it hasn’t stopped us having fun. In fact at this age she is a little sponge and is picking up the words really quickly from the flash cards. Her favourite words are the hungry words.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

I have been reading the book and the workbook with her and talking around the words to give her a little understanding of them.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

The cards are wonderfully illustrated and bright so great for keeping the attention of a 2 year old! We spend around 20 minutes a day going through the cards and the workbook and she loves it! With there being 20 new words in each box there is 1 a day to learn Monday to Friday.

I think The Social Journey is fantastic for getting your preschoolers a head start for school, and would make a good learning resource for homeschoolers as well.

We are thoroughly enjoying The Social Journey.

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

How Much is the subscription?

There are two ways you can pay :

  • Pay monthly – Cancel anytime – £21.95 / month
  • Pay upfront – Save £30 -billed as one payment of £233.40, equivalent to – £19.45 / month

With Free Shipping to Europe

The Social Journey with Mrs Wordsworth

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this review.

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*We were sent The Social Journey box to review in exchange for this post, all thoughts are my own


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