Your Appearance Matters: 7 Ways You Can slow down the Aging of Your Skin

Worried about sagging skin, wrinkles, and face blotches? Although aging is a part of life, you do not need to worry since there are better ways to prevent your skin from aging. You can actively slow down your skin from aging by taking the following steps.

7 Ways You Can Slow down the Aging of Your Skin
  • Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you need to quit. Tobacco-related products add years to your face and make you look older. Smoking will result in wrinkles and lines on your skin, and in worse cases, it could lead to lung and oral cancer.

  • Reduce Sugar

Sugar makes people older by attaching itself to proteins in the bloodstream. In the absence of adequate collagen production, a person will look older because their skin will be dry and brittle. To ensure you are able to slow the aging process of your skin, get rid of the sugar in your diet.

  • Skin Tightening

Procedures that involve skin tightening are meant to rejuvenate your skin and get rid of the dead skin cells which clog your pores. The techniques involved can range from the common anti wrinkle treatment to laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels. These processes are used in restoring the collagen lost as a result of the aging process.  

  • Sunscreen

Irrespective of what your age may be, it is important to put on sunscreen. Sunscreen can be used to protect your skin from the detrimental ultraviolet rays of the sun. Exposure to the sun can result in severe damage to the skin and cause dark spots which could speed up your aging process.

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift

The good thing about this anti-aging procedure is that it doesn’t require removal or manipulation of the skin of tissues. Instead, the use of the non-surgical facelift utilizes laser energy in repositioning the skin. When you undergo this procedure, you will not need to deal with the long healing process or deal with scars that are left behind as a result of an incision. This can be done at a salon or at home by using a home laser treatment like the Tria Age-Defying Laser reviewed here

  • Take Plenty of Water

The healthy glow of your skin is made possible by the water inside your body. When you fail to take plenty of water, you’re subjecting your skin to wrinkles and dryness. To slow down the aging process of your skin, you need to limit any other drink that is not water and ensure you take plenty of H20.

  • Use Medically-approved Products

There are many ineffective skincare products in pharmacies. As you grow old, you’ll need to use products that will rejuvenate your skin and allow for the production of collagen. There are numerous medical-grade products but most of these will require prescriptions. If you are uncertain about which products to use, your dermatologists or physician can always recommend the best products for you.

Following the simple and effective tips given above will help you to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and protect your overall health as well. If you are finding it difficult deciding what procedures are ideal for your case, you can always seek advice from a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist.

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  1. Fantastic tips – think drinking water is so important to keep your skin well hydrated and soft. Glad I don’t smoke, really damages the skin x

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