Baby Diaries #6 – Starting the Weaning Journey

Baby dottie has now turned 18 weeks old and we have had the third set of immunisations. The second set four weeks ago she took all in her stride and was fine. This time around she was pretty ill 24 hours after. She had a high temperature and was crying/teasy all day long. The only respite she got bless her, was when we sat outside in the cool air with the chickens.

Her hand eye coordination has improved immensely. She’s moving her hands all about now and starting to grab for things. My iPhone has ended up on the floor more than once as she’s tried to grab it! Then again she may be telling me something!

Baby Diaries #6 - Weaning (

I’m finding unless we are out and about her naps are not as long anymore during the daytime. But its been so hot lately trying to keep her cool is a nightmare. In fact she’s been loving a walk around the garden in the early evenings when it’s cooler as we have been putting the chickens in.

Bless her, while the rest of us are all eating tea she’s staring at us with her little mouth and tongue going like she’s wanting some. She’s been doing it for a few weeks, so as she is able to sit and hold her head up I’ve been trying a few spoonfuls of baby porridge. She loves it! I’m not one for baby led weaning, so I’m going down the traditional route like I did with baby girl and starting her on puréed food.

Weaning a baby at 4 months old  – I didn’t want to start her weaning quite yet, but due to her reflux issues. Plus the fact that she’s a big baby that is constantly hungry this was our next route. We are still breastfeeding and thoroughly enjoying it. I do wonder if we will keep it up until 18 months like I did with baby girl? It is my aim.

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