Top Tips – How To Stay Safe Online

The internet is a big part of our daily lives, including our children’s. This means that we must know how to stay safe online so that we can properly teach our children. As it is always changing and progressing, we will need to keep learning and adapting what we know. There will be some things, however, that stay the same. Below are some essential things that you need to know so that you can stay safe online:

Top Tips - How To Stay Safe Online

Use strong passwords

Passwords are used for a lot of things. Social media, banking, work and many other things, so they need to be strong. It can be tempting to choose one that is easy to remember, however, this makes it easier for cyber thieves to guess. A strong password will make it hard for any cybercriminal to be able to access any of your information. Your password should be longer than 10 characters and contain numbers, capital letters and special characters. 

Update your cybersecurity

Your computer should have anti-virus software on it so that it cannot get affected by any virus or malware that might try to install itself if you click on something suspicious. Firewalls should also be installed to prevent anyone from being able to access anything on your device.

If you are a business owner, cybersecurity is even more important because you need to protect all of your data and information. To check your level of security, you can hire a company like Spectrumwise to do a security audit on your network and computers so that they can protect any weaknesses that they find. 

Be careful what you click on

If something seems suspicious, it probably is so you shouldn’t click on it. You may get an email that seems legitimate, but if you click on the link and it asks you to put in your bank details or any other personal details, you should do some research to make sure it is legitimate first. There are also free offers and clickbait that you should be wary of. The general rule is if it asks for too much information or seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Keep your operating system updated

Even if you have all the right cybersecurity, if your operating system isn’t updated, your device won’t be fully secure. Updates are there for a reason. They will fix any problem or weakness that the developers have found, so taking the time to wait for the updates to complete will be worth it.

Be careful what you share online

Oversharing online is something that many people do, but it is something that you should try not to do. Sharing too much personal information could lead to people trying to steal your identity or trying to use your information to guess your passwords. Posting about things like being on holiday could also put your home at risk of being burgled. It is always best to think about what you are sharing online.

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