How We Use The Internet On A Day To Day Basis

I started blogging 2 and a half years ago and I now I can’t imagine not blogging. It’s not a hobby anymore and it’s not my day job, it’s more like my whole life. I can’t describe the feeling when I see a new email in my inbox, I’m so excited to see what new opportunity has come my way!

The internet is so important to us I can’t describe how I feel without being near wifi! Panic sets in! I’m one of those social media junkies! Needing to catch up what’s going on in the world.

When we decided to move, more than a year ago now I did start to panic a little on how could I blog without the internet. You hear stories of people waiting weeks to get back online after they have moved.

How we use the internet on a day to day basis -#BroadbandAndMe

Unfortunately this was us. We moved out of our old home on the 30th June, our internet was cut off on the 29th at midnight. Now we are here 28 days later and its only come on the last couple of days.

It’s been a struggle I can tell you. ???? I have gone over my data for the month, I’ve been begging my husband to turn on his personal wifi hotspot on his phone so I can do my blog stuff, and I’ve been literally living in supermarkets stealing their wifi!

As a small business owner – yes my blog is my business no matter how small it is in the big wide web! having a plan like one of these from would have made my life easier.

I use the internet numerous times a day. Waking up my first thing is to check emails, I work with a few US companies so those emails come in overnight. Plus any texts from my sister who lives in Canada. I always have a quick glance at Facebook at breakfast – who doesn’t!

social media -Facebook and the internet

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My iPhone is my sat nav in my car, I connect it up via bluetooth and load Google Maps and off we go. No more having a CD of maps under the passenger seat for the sat nav like my old car used to  – it was a bit strange!!

If I’m on a day off from my day job I check my emails throughout the day – well I also do it at work but only on my breaks (if you are reading this Jo!)

I love the way that the internet keeps my sister and I very close and in touch with what one another is up to. We Facetime or Skype when our schedules allow – an 8 hour time difference is a pain at times.

My husband will use the broadband to download various shows throughout the evening while watching another. I on the other hand will logon and blog in the evenings to my heart’s content. I might do some online shopping as well, which reminds me must to the .com food shop for this week.

So as you can see we use the internet a lot in our house, it’s a part of day-to-day living now. I have heard of using your wifi to boil the kettle just as you get in – maybe this is something new to try!

I hope you have enjoyed our little #BroadbandAndMe story and seeing how essential having broadband is to the modern family.


Would you be able to live without the internet?

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