6 Stylish Tops to Wear at the Gym and Office

You’re a businesswoman. You’ve got a job that makes you happy. But, you still need to make time for self-care. That’s why you go to the gym a few times a week. All those exercise endorphins make you feel great. You just wish you didn’t have to lug around that bag of gym clothes. If only there were some cute tops that would be appropriate for both work and working out. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. Here are six different options for combining work and gym wear, tops to wear at the gym and office.

1. Workout Dresses

That’s right: one dress, two worlds. Sporty dresses are soft and supportive enough for your exercise needs and classy enough to wear to work. Style them with a professional blazer that you can cast aside before you hit the treadmill.

2. Multipurpose Cardigans

Cardigans aren’t just for lounging at home. When they’re made with performance fibers you have something cute for the office that doubles as a workout layer. Modern styles incorporate zippers and geometric designs. They’re a fashionable alternative to the office jacket and can be taken to the gym or on a chilly morning jog.

3. Active Tanks

Active tanks are no longer just neon spandex. Cute fashion options are available that still offer support and breathability. Design details can turn a piece from plain to exciting. They’re an excellent option for layering over, to fit the weather, or your professional needs. Choose classy neutrals and no one will guess you’re ready for the gym, while a print shows a pop of your personality underneath your jacket.

4. Wrap Tops

Wrap tops are an easy way to add some fashionable comfort to your day. Unique and quirky, they’re great on their own, or layered over a tank or dress. With multiple styling options available in one piece, you can change it up to fit the occasion, from a professional client interview to a workout where you want a little more support or  airflow. The choice is yours.

5. Tunics of Tomorrow

6 Stylish Tops to Wear at the Gym and Office

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Tunics are a great option to wear over a pair of active leggings as you preform those pre-gym stretches on your afternoon break. Fun and functional, they can be cinched with a belt or ties for more styling options. Tunics offer versatility and an easy yet fashionable look. From sleeveless to long sleeve, there’s a tunic to fit the weather, the occasion, and your mood.

6. Pullovers

From crops, to hoodies, to cropped hoodies, if all-day comfort is your jam then pullovers are for you. Fitted and snug or fashionably baggy, boat neck or cowl, the options are endless. Modern designs feature color-blocking and cut-out necklines, along with stitching details and designer comfort.

Finding stylish clothes that can transition from the office to the gym is easy if you know what to look for. You don’t have to settle for unflattering or uncomfortable options that leave you feeling less than wonderful. It’s time to find tops to wear at the gym and office that work for you and support your lifestyle. After all, you’ve got a job to do and miles to run.

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