The Top 5 Promotional Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In The New Year

With the aspect of trends, things are always tricky and never really as straightforward as people think. You can be sure of that fact in every regard. Most of all, with the new year just around the corner, one always needs to be on their toes to keep themselves aware and updated of the latest trends, even if you are not going to employ any of them. It is as simple as that. Not only do you need to review your marketing budget for the new year, but some serious thinking also needs to be done on your part with regard to allocating the right amount of time to marketing activity and planned campaigns. 

Whether it is concerning Promotional Bags or anything else, the fact of the matter is that you need to ask the most important question – what exactly do customers value from promotional materials in particular? Is it the utility and practicality aspect or are the style and aesthetic values more important to them? Another growing trend is the rise in the popularity of recycling and going for products that are a lot more eco-friendly than most others. Knowing what your customers are looking for is essential, whether it is through product launches or simple handouts at trade fairs. 

Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In The New Year
Marketing Trends To Watch Out For In The New Year

Having said that, let us take a closer look at the top five promotional marketing trends to watch out for in the new year:-

  • Mobile phone peripherals: With the meteoric rise of the smartphone and one’s reliance on it for everyday life, many promotional marketing gifts have many useful phone accessories for everyone. Perfect examples of this are chargers, power banks and cases of all shapes and sizes. However, the emphasis is for people to focus on quality since failing to do so will only decrease the overall brand appeal.

  • Recycled coffee cups: This is one popular category of promotional material that refuses to lose any kind of popularity or relevance in the grand scheme of things. Plus nowadays, good quality cups can be found at a very reasonable price as well. Your brand can go a long way in offering a positive experience and association to reduce the use of single-waste dispose of alternatives.

  • Textures and materials: With clothing and interiors, one can be sure that there are so many aesthetic trends and fashions around with more and more being added to the list every day. The use of matte colours is becoming more and more popular every day along with the heightened use of recyclable and eco-friendly materials. Plus, it is always more desirable to go for less quantity and more quality than the other way around.

  • Wellness products: The wellness and health trends overall are not going anywhere anytime soon, with a special focus on the target population being overworked people in particular and millennials in general. This includes anything from fitness trackers to spa vouchers. In this regard, these products are one of the few examples where both your workforce is kept happy as it is beneficial to them, plus your customers find it highly appealing as well.

  • The aspect of memory sticks: With regard to items that are cheap and easy to make as well as having a long shelf-life, memory sticks are hard to beat indeed. More popular amongst the B2B audience, the best part is that it has the most valuable information concerning both services, plus one of them gets a nifty freebie in the bargain.

With promotional marketing trends, one also needs to consider the aspect of your demographic as well. With B2B audiences, you can bet that they will be a lot more interested in managerial and influencer roles while the millennial generation will be more in tune with the B2C audiences. After all, the age group does play quite an important role in the grand scheme of things. With regard to Millenials however, things have to be approached in a very different manner.

With reference to the previous sentence, one can look for specific quirky marketing trends that will appeal to the need of Millenials since a large majority pride themselves on being creative and unique in the best possible fashion. Plus, they have a special love for experiences that is rare to find elsewhere. With fewer promos used in a more intelligent fashion, one can make progress in a much smoother manner. Your ROI will also improve considerably once you start indulging in target demographics.  

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