How to Be Less Wasteful at Work

It’s vital for businesses and the individuals who are employed by them to be more aware of how they are treating the environment. Most of us are guilty of being too wasteful at times, especially at work when we’re not the ones paying the bills. We should all aim to be part of an environmental professionals network by making some simple in the workplace. In doing so, we will contribute to saving energy, supplies, money, and the environment. It can be difficult making changes at first but in the end, being kinder to the environment will start to come naturally.

How to Be Less Wasteful at Work

Here are a few tips on how to be less wasteful at work:

The easiest place to begin is by making a conscious effort to switch off all equipment at the end of each day, or if it’s just not being used. This includes our computers, the printer, the lights etc. Lots of us are guilty of only turning off the monitor of our computer rather than shutting down the whole desktop. We also use the lights more often than necessary, as there’s usually plenty of natural light available. These are examples of how energy is wasted, which is bad for the environment and also boosts overall utility bills. Don’t be afraid to remind your colleagues to switch off at the end of each day as well.

Aim to abandon post-it notes and even notepads as these are often a waste of paper. It would be far more economical to set up reminders on your phone and computer instead. The idea is to be more conscious of the things you’re doing in the office and always consider if there’s an eco-friendlier alternative. This is especially true of your print habits; only print if it’s absolutely necessary, use smaller font size and try and print in black and white as this is cheaper than coloured ink. You might even want to suggest to your manager that the company invests in a manged print service, as they can assess print behaviour across the whole team and help reduce waste.

These small adjustments might seem like nothing but becoming a greener company one step at a time is a fantastic way to save money and even attract positive attention from potential customers. By being less wasteful, your colleagues are likely to follow your example, which will have a big impact on the company as a whole. 

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