Proven Strategies That Massively Boost Blog Traffic

If you write a blog, you don’t want all your hard work to sit passively on the page, waiting for the odd lost soul on the internet to find it. You need to come up with a strategy to boost blog traffic. You want people to be able to find you easily and consume your content. After all, it’s how you make your money. 

Proven Strategies That Massively Boost Blog Traffic

But how do you create successful funnels that guide people towards your recurring affiliate programs? What do the pros do? Let’s take a look. 

Strategy #1: Create A Viral Video

Viral videos are perhaps the most powerful marketing tool in the modern world. Startups have gone on to become multi-million-pound enterprises off the back of a single TikTok video. And your blog can do the same. 

Everyone wants to create a viral video, but most people fail. The main reason isn’t their lack of creativity – they’re just posting in the wrong place. 

You want something that is both clickbait and offers instant value to viewers, causing them to share it. Sometimes a short, funny segment is all you need to generate interest. 

Strategy #2: Use The Comments Section To Fuel Your Ideas

Blogs rely almost exclusively on their capacity to keep readers interested. Churning out new content, day after day, week after week, however, is a challenge. Often there is only so much you can talk about in your niche. And while there are always new topics to explore, most of them won’t interest your target audience. 

Using comments, therefore, is one of the most potent ways to get around this problem. Instead of relying on your creative genius to generate new content, you simply tap into the thoughts and ideas of the community. You crowdsource brain power and use it to propel the blog forward.

Not all comments will be helpful, of course. But there will be a few diamonds in the rough that you’ll want to use for your next post. 

Strategy #3: Curate Other People’s Content

People don’t visit your blog to hear you speak – they visit because they expect to receive value of some kind. It doesn’t matter whether you provide it, or somebody else – so long as it is there, they’re happy. 

Curating the content of others, therefore, has become a popular strategy to boost your blog traffic. You could, for instance, create a weekly roundup of all the most exciting stories from around the web on your particular niche. Your readers wouldn’t have to go searching around the internet themselves. Instead, they’d just hop onto your blog on a Friday evening, say, and then get a bunch of links to your favourite stories of the week, and why they’re important to you. 

Strategy #4: Use Reviews To Generate Content

People like providing blogs with reviews so that they can share information about the value they’ve received to the rest of the community. Reviewers, however, usually offer constructive feedback as well as praise, talking about how they’d like to see the blog improve. You can, therefore, take advantage of these insights and put them into practice on your website. Often comments will revolve around things like the desire for more video or discussions of particular aspects of your niche. 

Strategies #5: Use Topic Generators

Coming up with new topics by yourself can be a challenge. You can spend hours rocking back and forth on your office chair, pondering what direction to take next. But unfortunately, even the most creative people can get stuck in a loop and run out of ideas. 

Now, though, there are tools called “topic generators” which do a lot of the legwork for you. Mostly, they’re semantic tools that rearrange keywords and spit out a bunch of title ideas. With that said, they can help prompt you to think in a new direction. If you’re really stuck for where to go next, then they force you to step outside of your regular thinking and consider a new angle. 

Strategy # 6: Generate Traffic Using Emails

Finally, you can try to drum up traffic for your blog using emails. 

Most emails are dead. In other words, companies send them, but no customer ever sees them, usually because they wind up in spam. 

Creating successful email campaigns, therefore, can be a challenge. 

Another tip to boost blog traffic – the most important concept is to treat your blog posts as if they are a product. You want to sell them individually, like they were services, pointing out the benefits that your audience will experience if they sign up. Make it professional and compelling, and include buttons that forward them to your posts. 

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