BABY born My First Swim Doll Review

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L loves her BABY born collection. There are many accessories you can buy to go with the BABY born dolls, so her collection is now vast. She is a huge fan of role-playing and arranges her dolls at tea parties and bath time. I knew she would be really excited to see the latest addition to the BABY born family – BABY born My First Swim so I kept it a secret from her until it was bath time.

Learning to swim is important, especially here in Cornwall with so many beaches around us. So as tomorrow is National Learn to Swim Day (the third Saturday in May) a dedicated day on educating parents and children about water safety, I thought I would chat with L about swimming and water safety with her My First Swim BABY born doll.

BABY born My First Swim Doll Review

BABY born My First Swim

Water babies will love the new BABY born My First Swim Girl. Simply wind back her arms and release her into the water then watch as she swims front crawl or butterfly stroke. The perfect companion for little ones’ bath time, first swim class, summer holidays, or even in the paddling pool. The doll comes with a fixed swimming costume and hat in cute duck print and is suitable for children aged 1+.

BABY born My First Swim Girl Doll Review

How does the BABY born My First Swim doll work?

As she is a wind-up doll, you have to wind her arms backward to charge her up. Immediately put her into the water and she will swim off very fast! She can do the front crawl or butterfly strokes.

What we thought

BABY born My First Swim is a lovely doll that is great fun. Because there are no batteries – she’s fully windup, she can be submerged in the bath fine. She makes a great bath time and a paddling pool toy.

BABY born My First Swim Girl Doll in the bath

When you lift her out the water she does a “wee” and the water comes out! This tickles L! If you look closely in the photo below, you will see!

BABY born My First Swim doll doing a wee

L loves her pink duck design swimming costume and swimming hat. They are moulded on the doll which is brilliant for water play. She is a 30 cm doll, so smaller than the BABY born Soft Touch dolls we have. But this makes it easier to carry around! L loves all her dolls and plays with them for many hours. She is also a fan of dollhouses, which she plays along with her sister.

Where can I buy the BABY born My First Swim Doll?

BABY born My First Swim Doll (RRP £17.99)

Available from all good toy stores, including Amazon, Smyths Toys Superstore, The Entertainer, Argos, and Tesco.


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3 thoughts on “BABY born My First Swim Doll Review

  1. Thanks for this; we only have sons and so it can be difficult to know what to buy for girls that they will truly enjoy .

  2. My daughter would absolutely love this, she is always trying to put her dolls in the bath! I didn’t know this existed so thank you for the review.

  3. She actually swims? How fabulous! The fact that she is also suitable for children aged one plus is a bonus. Delighted to read the review.

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