Coworking Connections – How To Network Effectively In A Shared Office Space

If you are serious about your business, then your typical day probably involves you arriving at your coworking space and getting into a productive headspace right away. This is great if you want to achieve results and knock things off your to-do list as quickly and effectively as possible. However, this neglects other fundamental business tasks like networking that are also important in a coworking space.

Coworking Connections - How To Network Effectively In A Shared Office Space
Coworking Connections – How To Network Effectively In A Shared Office Space

To maximise your potential for networking in New Zealand coworking spaces, there are many simple strategies you can follow. Without coming across as too aggressive or overbearing, you will find that with some time and patience your coworking colleagues will be happy to assist you with boosting your business.

To this end, let’s look at some specific tips and advice on how to network effectively in shared office space.

Exchange Skills And Start Collaborating

As an expert of sorts in your industry, you have skills that are in-demand and valuable. Make the most of these by offering to exchange them for the talents of others in your coworking space who are also likely experts in their own fields. What begins as an informal exchange in this way can become a more permanent business partnership or collaboration.

This does not necessarily have to be a formal exchange but can even take place through a brainstorming session or a request for advice or insight. If you do not demand too much from your colleagues and always make sure to return favours, you will find that this organic means of networking will lead to more authentic and meaningful connections.

Attend Community Events

Premium providers of coworking space have a membership roster that is now in the tens of thousands. These established networks are ripe with opportunities for boosting your own network. Take advantage of the several community events that are put on by your coworking provider each year. These are great occasions for meeting others in your field outside of the office and learning about new potential openings or directions your business can take.

Make The Most Of Coffee Breaks And Lunch Hours

Without being pushy, you can leverage coffee breaks and lunch hours to make connections with your coworking colleagues. Premium coworking spaces have comfortable lounge spaces and complimentary coffee and tea that both lend themselves to generating small talk and ideas. While this is enjoyable in and of itself, it can also turn into discussions that can open doors for your business. You may discover that your colleagues know important players in your industry and are willing to make an introduction for you. If you remember to keep things light and avoid coming across as using people as means to an end, your network can benefit from these interactions.

Be Passionate About Your Work

One of the best ways to increase your network and attract people to your business is to show up each day with a genuine passion for your work. Nobody will be interested in what you are doing if you are negative and hate what you do. Rather than alienate others in this way, be positive and polite with your colleagues and answer questions that they have about your projects with consideration. This will inspire them to learn more and will increase the chances that they will be willing to do what they can to help you achieve your goals.

Navigate Your Networking

Following the above points will allow you to use a premium coworking space as a powerful networking tool. If you remember to be professional and moderate, your business connections will significantly increase with the help of your fellow coworkers.

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