3 New Year’s Resolutions For Online Businesses

Whether your business has had an online presence for some time or you’ve only recently dipped your toes into digital in the wake of Covid-19, it can be tricky keeping on top of your web-based strategy in a tricky commercial environment that will have many challenges in 2021. Have you thought about resolutions for online businesses in the next year?

3 New Year’s Resolutions For Online Businesses

However, if you do manage to get some downtime during the festive period, grab the chance to get your digital ducks in a row with some housekeeping tips for your website, social channels and any other online channel. 

These three NY resolutions for online businesses should help you start 2021 steering a steady road to success. 

1. Get your GMB (Google My Business) sorted

If you haven’t done so already, grab a Google My Business profile for your first easy win online. 

This is a free listing on Google which includes an attractive photo, business description, physical and website address, hours of business and more. 

Claiming your GMB and keeping it up to date will work wonders for your web presence, especially for capitalising on local search queries. 

And if you combine it with a website which has great SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you’ve got a double-whammy in the search space that puts you at customers’ fingertips – more of which later.

2. Get to grips with social media

Provided you use it wisely, social media can be your friend when it comes to connecting with customers online. 

But be sure that you’re investing time (and money) on platforms where your customers actually hang out. 

For instance, B2B (business to business) firms should probably focus on LinkedIn but B2C (business to customer) companies can find target demographics on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – it’s fine to have a presence on a few platforms so that you can pivot if customer habits change though.

Want to keep abreast of the latest developments on social? keep an eye on Social Media Today.

3. Create customer-centric and SEO-friendly content

If you’ve worked in marketing or the media, you’ll be used to hearing the word ‘content’ being bandied about, but this (admittedly bland and beige) phrase actually means the text, visuals or any other medium that conveys your messaging to your customers, and generally lets you interact with the world.

Whether you want expertly-written landing pages that persuade customers to sign up for your newsletter or buy your products, informative blogs that convey your authoritativeness and share valuable knowledge or videos that explain your company mission, content is important and takes time to create and distribute effectively. Don’t forget: whether you create content in-house or outsource it, you’ll need to talk to an SEO agency like Maratopia to ensure that customers find it on search engines like Google in the first place. 

There you have it: a terrific triad of tips for making sure that 2021 is the year your company adapts as smoothly as possible to a world gone digital and embraces every opportunity the ‘new normal’ offers!

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