Curious Beekeeper Nina by Kristiana Ambrasa – Review and Giveaway

This month’s book review and giveaway is of a lovely little book called Curious Beekeeper Nina by Kristiana Ambrasa. Baby girl is now at that stage that when she wants to look at a book or me read it to her, she will find the one she wants and bring it up onto the sofa next to me. She will then snuggle in for storytime.

We not only do storytime before bed but in the afternoons as well (when I’m not at work and we are home together). I treasure these moments as she loves turning the pages and will babble along in her toddler speak as I read to her. I still don’t have much of a clue what she’s saying but it’s very important to her!

Curious Beekeeper Nia by Kristiana Ambrasa

Book Description

Nina, a busy city girl, is visiting her grandmother in the countryside as she does every summer, but this time there is a whole lot more to discover. When arriving in the lonely village, Nina discovers beautiful flowers and tiny worker bees. Excited about what the bees get up to during the day, she heads out every day in search to learn something new and interesting about these busy creatures.

While the summer is in full swing, Ricky the local postman tells Nina about the autumn farmers’ market. As she rushes to get the last few bits of honey from the bee hives, Nina decides that the countryside is her dream place to be, but will she want to go back to her beloved city where all her friends live?

Curious Beekeeper Nina

Our Review

We love the bright colourful illustrations, it’s what makes the book intriguing for curious minds. The book has mainly illustrations on the left hand pages and text on the right. The Curious Beekeeper Nina isn’t a book for very young children as it has quite a lot of text included, but it’s fantastic for slightly older kids around 5-7 years I would say.

Nina is a wonderful character who gets given a bee hive for her birthday. She is fascinated with what they do and when she gets the chance to visit her Grandmother in the country bees are everywhere! She loves learning about what they do and how they go about their jobs. She decides the countryside is where she wants to live, but if she stays she will miss her friends in the city.

After I read the book, I came across the author’s biography at the back of the book, to my amazement the Curious Beekeeper Nina was written by a 14-year-old girl from Jersey! What an achievement for a 14-year-old to get a book published, also one that is there to help younger children understand the importance of bees.

One thing I’d love to have seen in Curious Beekeeper Nina is some more facts on bees to share with the little ones, but otherwise it’s a fabulous introduction to the world of beekeeping and bees.

Wonderful illustrations in Curious Beekeeper Nina

We have given Curious Beekeeper Nina 4 out of 5 stars.

Paperback, 26 pages

Published March 31st 2017 by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd

Baby Girl with her new book

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68 thoughts on “Curious Beekeeper Nina by Kristiana Ambrasa – Review and Giveaway

  1. I’m definitely both. Love the quiet and peacefulness of the countryside but like the hustle and bustle of a city. Depends what mood I’m in.

  2. I like living in the City, makes everything so much easier and also makes you appreciate the peace and quiet of the countyside.

  3. Definitely a city person, I don’t drive so it would be so much harder for me to get around without a city style transport system. That being said, I do love visiting the countryside, even though I could never live there.

  4. I was born and spent the first 25 years of my life in a city but since moving to the countryside, I am much happier and would hate to go back to a city to live.

  5. I have always lived in the countryside by the sea and love it but i do like to visit the culture in our cities now and again.

  6. I am a Londoner – I love London – but the countryside is only a short bus ride away and is a delightful escape.

  7. A bit of both we live in a village in the countryside but it’s nice we are only a ten minute drive away from a city x

  8. A bit of both countryside for the quiet but I still like shops nearby , can’t be dealing with big cities though my dad’s in Surrey is perfect by the river

  9. I live in the country and I’ve lived in the city. People are much more welcoming and friendly in the country.

  10. I’m a bit of both! I love the beauty and peace of the countryside, but I don’t like to be too far away from the shops!

  11. A mixture – I love the ‘burbs where I live as I’m only a 20 minute bus ride from cinemas, theatres, museums, shops & bustle but also just a 10 minute walk from lovely countryside walks!

  12. Townie. I do like to visit cities for shopping, outings, theatre,cinema, etc. There can be lots to see and do in the city. Country nice to visit for a while, though I don’t believe I can spend a long time in the country. Nice for a short peaceful break. At heart I am a townie, as city can be too busy and noisy. Countryside too far from shops, etc.

  13. Love the countryside but im a townie
    My garden is geared up for any wildlife who would like to visit????

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