May Roundup and June Bucket List

Time is short at the moment with a fussy 4 month old so I have decided to combine my monthly Roundup and Bucket List posts into one. It’s actually a bit of a brain wave for me to come up with time-saving ideas that might help!

May Roundup

May has been a really good blogging month for me. I started the blog everyday in May challenge. To be honest I think I was a bit optimistic in thinking I could write a blog post everyday for the month with a baby. But I have published 24 posts out of 31 so not too bad.

May Roundup and June Bucket List

The best blogging opportunity which came about for me in May was being asked to be a brand ambassador for Cake-Cetera Who doesn’t love cake? I am a huge foodie and love my cake! So being a brand ambassador for Cake Cetera is the next best thing to having a job as a cake tester! Don’t you think?

Cake Cetera Brand Ambassador
Books I have read and reviewed:
1) Six Tudor Queens by Alison Weir
2) Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder
3) Geek Girl by Holly Smale
4) Finding Home by Lauren Westwood
5) Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Bernard Scudder
Six Tudor Queens - Katherine of Aragon by Alison Weir
Let There Be Linda by Rich Leder
Geek Girl (head over heels) by Holly Smale
My favourite post for May was  How hard is it to breastfeed? This was a great post to write and I felt such a relief after I finished it as I felt as if I got my opinion on breastfeeding ‘out’ and how hard it is on mums. I respect all mums on whatever they decide is the best way for feeding their babies.
I have added my own social media buttons to my blog which I am really happy about and also I have had a new header put in place which I love. It gives it a more personal and professional touch. I think anyway!

June Bucket List

Well Summer is finally here! We have a BBQ to go to in a couple of weeks which will be baby girl’s first. I have got her sunhat and suncream ready as it’s dangerous to let babies out in the sun before they are 6 months old – advice from my health visitor!
Now onto my normal bucket list things to do!
Books to Read and Review
1) Finding Home by Lauren Westwood
2) Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir and Bernard Scudder
3) Following Evan by Elida May
Increase Social Media Followers
My Current numbers from May are:
   Twitter 2777 (+519)
    Facebook 244 (+26)
  Instagram 444 (+161)
Pinterest 254 (+13)
Blog Statistics for May
Page Views 2302 (+43)
Unique Monthly Users 802 (-9)
Posts Published 24
Blog Domain Authority (DA) 20
  • I’m disappointed that my monthly users have dropped a little so this is my main focus for June, but it’s great that the people visiting my page are staying to read other posts as my page views have increased.
  • I have a couple of great new reviews coming up which I am really pleased I was asked to review – watch this space!
  • To have another sort through baby girls clothes – she grows so fast!
  • I need to spend some time sorting out the garden – replacing bark and some weeding.
I hope you all have a great month and the sun stays!
Thank you for sharing

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