A Orsolya Hernold Guided Journal Review

Ever since I was a little girl I have always been interested in diaries and journals. I have kept one on and off most of my life. When I was about 10 I used to have one of those little journals with a lock and key. I think this was where my love of writing began. Now I use my blog as a sort of online diary/journal.
When I was given one of Orsolya Hernold Guided Journals to have a look at and review, I couldn’t say no.
 Orsolya Hernold Guided Journal Review

Here is a little about Orsolya Hernold:
“Orsolya Hernold, or Orsi for short, is a coach and trainer that lives in Budapest, Hungary with her partner Zoli and their two young children. Orsolya has been journaling for over twenty years; a venture that started when she began diarizing a journey she was on. She was then fortunate enough to have mentors guide her through some powerful writing lessons.
Since then, she has written about her newborn children, analyzed conflicts in relationships, looked at the purpose of life and so much more. Orsolya fully believes that journaling has enabled her to lead a more conscious life and helped with her own personal development.
Orsolya’s website, orzola.org, offers free guided journaling courses that focus on one specific area of someone’s life at a time. These courses have high-quality journals to accompany them, should the journaling enthusiast wish to have something physical to write in. So far, the subjects covered by orzola.org have been ‘Start Journaling,’ which aimed to help establish the journaling habit, as well as ‘An Important Relationship,’ which helps people to focus on a key relationship in their life.”
In the front of the journal Orsolya tells us the benefits of journaling which includes daily writing can reduce stress levels and increases the awareness of your thoughts and emotions. It also includes the most common reasons for journaling.
 Orsolya Hernold Guided Journal Review
The Journal I received was the Start Journaling one. It’s a great journal helping you right from the very beginning. With lots of hints and tips of what and when to write, how to observe your thoughts and feelings and what you can learn from journaling.
The journal covers the first 7 weeks of your journey. Giving you questions each day to help you with your writing. Each week has a different focus with the 7th day of each week dedicated to your key learning points of that week.
I am working my way through the first week of the journal so far. This week’s focus is on the beginning. It’s about writing a little each day on personal events and experimenting with writing at different times of the day. Great for a new mummy like me when you are up at all hours of the day and night!
 Orsolya Hernold Guided Journal Review
Orsolya Hernold also has another type of journal out which focuses on an important relationship in your life.
Orsolya Hernold Guided Journal Review

“This beautiful and sophisticated guided journal offers thought-provoking and interesting subjects that will help any journaling enthusiast understand themselves and the chosen relationship that they choose to focus upon.”

I have really enjoyed my journaling journey so far with Orsolya’s journal. It’s actually made me think about why I love to write. Putting it down on paper is very relaxing.
I love the A5 size of the journal which is great for taking around with you. The paper is of great quality. The only thing I would like it to have is a more luxurious cover like a keepsake journal.
*I was given the journal for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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