January Review and February Bucket List

Wow didn’t January disappear fast? February is an exciting month for us. First up is Baby girl’s first birthday and then our house is being put on the market. January for me was all about setting up my blogging goals for the year. You can pop over to here to have a little peek to see what goals I have set myself.

January Review and February bucket list - blogging goals, aims, what I've achieved. #blogging

January Review

January started off stressful. I found out on Boxing day my blog had been hacked and my wonderful hosts managed to clear a malicious file and get me back on track but did warn me that I needed to have someone look deeper into my files as there may be deeply hidden. Throughout January I had a site scan completed which was clear and a guy who fixes hacked blogs say the same. But I was still having problems. Some lovely blogger friends kept telling me that when they tried to get on my blog it was heading off to spam sites. Not everyone could see this though. I couldn’t even see it when I had cleared my cache and browser history.

In the end I had to have it professionally checked by Wordfence. They found a few deeply hidden malicious files and removed them. I was also given tips on how to protect my site against future attacks.

Huge lesson learned from all of this. Remember to update plugins asap and also to delete inactive ones. A hacker got into my site through an inactive plugin that needed an update. It was a very emotional and stressful time. I honestly don’t like this side of blogging. I’m not a whizz on websites and techy words and phrases. I didn’t know half of the things the Wordfence team were asking me. I blog because I love to write.

Anyway that was most of January taken up!

As always I love to share with you my social media stats. It’s great to look back over and see how they change.

  • Twitter: 6179
  • Facebook: 645
  • Instagram: 1220
  • Pinterest: 582
  • Bloglovin: 341

February Bucket List

  • Make Baby girl’s birthday cake
  • Start on Aby’s Blog Growth Accelerator Course
  • Tidy the house and clear out junk ready for the house viewings
  • Plan some time to create pinnable images on older blog posts
  • Check Broken Links
  • Update Media Kit

I haven’t made a huge bucket list for February as I’m trying to be realistic. Working 30 hours plus each week takes up most of my time, plus baby girl so I scrape by blogging in the evenings. Being super organised and productive with the time I do have makes my life seem much more achievable.


I hope you have had a good month. What are your plans for February?

As always I love to read your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.


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5 thoughts on “January Review and February Bucket List

  1. Oh I’ve seen so much of this hacking on WordPress blogs I think I’d cry too! I use blogger because I’m not techy and feel a bit safer but nothing is guaranteed is it! So glad you found help and got your blog back! Great stats hope Feb is kinder!

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