August Roundup and September Bucket List

The Summer holidays are all but over now.  I don’t know why but I love September because it never seems that long until Christmas! My roundup and bucket list this month will be showcasing my favourite post from August, and my to-do list for September.

August Roundup and July Bucket List - Rachel Bustin

August Roundup

August has been about preparing baby girl for the dreaded return to work. I return at the start of October. It’s all be confirmed now as I have been in to have a chat with my manager. I worked out a little back to work plan for myself as well. To help ease us into the process. For 8 weeks I will be working only 3 days a week and taking the other 2 as holiday, which I have accumulated while being off. That will take me up to the start of December.

How I will fit in blogging, working full-time, and having a 10 month old is still a mystery to me at the moment.

But I do love a good challenge!

Who needs sleep?

My favourite post for August was Formula Feeding in Preparation for Heading back to Work 

Formula Feeding in preparation for heading back to work - Rachel Bustin

It wasn’t a pleasant experience giving baby girl formula for the first time. I actually found it quite upsetting as it’s not something I want to do but kind of need to do. She will want milk while I’m at work. I cannot over produce breast milk for her so I have had to resort to formula.

Looking back over my August Bucket List I have achieved quite a lot this month. Finally my media kit is finished! It’s taken a while to do. You can have a little geek over on my work with me page if you want to have a look. I still need to work out how to add a link to it on that page but for now its on there as a photo. Please do tell me if you know how to add a pdf to a page!

  • Media Kit finished.
  • I have cleared through my backlog of posts and reviews to publish.
  • My husband and I took one afternoon and sorted through all of baby girls clothes. Its surprising what is too small for her and she only wore it once or twice! She is growing so fast.
  • Start weaning baby girl off the breast during the day and onto formula Now she is on 3 small meals a day she only has a 2 or 3 milk feeds during the day so we are making progress.
  • If the weather clears up I need to finish weeding, tidying and replacing the bark in the garden – still needs doing!

I just want to add that my own guest post series called New Mum Stories is a great success and I have had 5 wonderful bloggers share with us their story of the first few weeks of being a mum.  You can read their stories over on this page.

I’m always on the look out for new stories so please send them to me at to be featured.

Featured on New Mum Stories - Rachel Bustin

 A couple of days ago I changed my blog theme and I love it! I hope you do too! Since I went Self Hosted back in July I have been on the look out for the ‘perfect’ blog theme. One that suits my personality, easy to use for all of you and one that was suitable on all devices. So I discovered this gorgeous theme from Pipdig. Please have a browse through and let me know what you think.

September Bucket List

As always I love to share with you my social media stats. It’s great to look back over and see how they have changed from the previous month.

  • Twitter: 3727 (+187)
  • Facebook 383 (+45)
  • Instagram 838 (+116)
  • Pinterest 324 (+39)

~ Aim to work on Pinterest.

Blog Statistics

  • Page Views 3000
  • Unique Monthly Users 1250
  • Posts Published 32

~ Aim to keep on building my page views.

~ Pitch to brands for pre-school toys and games to review and feature in my Christmas Gift Guide I want to set up on the blog.

~ Start up my newsletter campaign for subscribers.

~ Join more linkies

~ Dig out my pre-maternity work clothes and see if they fit ready for heading back to work.

I hope you all have a lovely month

Thank you for sharing

34 thoughts on “August Roundup and September Bucket List

  1. I’d love to join in with your series – can I even if my girls are now 3?!
    Good luck for returning to work. The thought is usually worse than actually going. Well done on the stat growth x
    Thanks so much for linking up again xx

  2. WOW you were busy in August weren’t you!

    Well done with all your achievements. I’m sure you’ll achieve all your goals.

    Well done on growing your followers across your social media.


  3. Blog’s looking good! So hard going back to work after baby! I’m self-employed so managed to work hours around baby a bit but went back to working sooner than friend who were employed- there’s no easy way! #KCACOLS

  4. Love the idea of a monthly list! Good luck with your return to work and streamlining the constant juggling act that is being a working mum! #KCACOLS

  5. Hi Rachel, you have done so well with your lists, you should be super proud of yourself. Good luck with the return to work and all the new experiences with family life that that will provide. I’m so impressed with your blog stats too!:) 🙂
    mainy x

  6. You’ve ticked off some great things on your list. Well done. It’s tough building up towards going back to work but you will do it, not problem to you. It’s great that you’ll be doing a 3 day week for a while #KCACOLS

  7. Good luck with returning to work. You sound like you are getting pretty organised already. Seriously impressed with your stats, 32 blog posts in a month! That’s amazing! Well done.x #KCACOLS

  8. I hope the return to work goes well when the time comes. The theme of your blog looks great. I am not sure how good the weather will be for you finishing your garden lol.

  9. Fab round up post! It’s always really fun to see what other bloggers have been up to. Well done on your stats and your media kit is looking very snazzy. Ahhhh… maternity leave flies by so fast don’t you think. I can’t believe you literally blink and it’s over. Crossing my fingers that it’s an easy transition for you. Thank you for co-hosting the other week on the #DreamTeam xx

  10. Good luck with going back to work! I am sure you will find a happy medium with the blogging (although 32 posts in a month might be a little unrealistic – seriously impressed with that statistic – I barely manage a quarter of that on a good month!) but I’m sure it’ll work for you! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  11. Love the new theme. I just updated mine too, it makes such a difference when you feel the look of the blog matches your personality doesn’t it? Well done on achieving so much in August and good look with September.

  12. Good luck with your back-to-work preparations! It can be hard to balance it all (she says as she rocks a sick toddler when she’s supposed to be in the office), but you’ll manage somehow. Blogging may become a late-night activity!

    1. Thanks, I’m sure I will manage, but it’s gonna be hard to get back into that routine again. 10 months off of being in my pj’s has been fun. I wonder if the uniform will fit?! xx

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