Top 3 Hacks to Enhance Your Cruise Experience

Learn the clever hacks that even some seasoned cruisers don’t know about yet, and enhance your cruise experience by manifold.

A holiday is a time when you let go of yourself completely – removing mundane tasks from your routine and experiencing something new. Even better, if you are lucky to get on-board a luxury cruise ship, floating through the open sea and enjoying some mesmerizing views in the open sea.

Top 3 Hacks to Enhance Your Cruise Experience

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However, to enjoy such an unforgettable experience to the fullest, you still have to use your smart brain a little bit especially when you are at the planning stage. Once you learn and prepare accordingly with these hacks listed below, you can get on to do whatever you were planning to do on your dream cruise holiday.

Book Early, Or Book Late

Any traveller knows that the travel industry tries to seduce their customers with a variety of deals and cut-priced offering. As it’s very expensive to run a cruise ship, the practice is also pretty common among the cruise liners. In fact, it’s often the biggest cruise liners like Costa Cruises that offer the most frequent deals.

These offers include early-bird deals, last-minute deals, peak, and off-peak season deals, exclusive first voyage deals, etc. While the biggest price cut is usually found in the last-minute deals, you can still save some money by booking way ahead of the schedule. In fact, booking early is the best way, especially if you are planning for a popular destination.

Bring Your Own Wine

Whether its Costa Cruises or any other liners you choose, it’s not usually allowed or encouraged to pack a lot of alcoholic drinks to carry along with you. To make things even more difficult, the drinks outside your all-inclusive allowance are very expensive on-board. However, they still allow some minimal quantity, often enough to bring in a bottle or two of your favourite wines.

Furthermore, if you are planning to go down that route, make sure you choose a twist-off bottle as some liners may charge you a hefty corkage fee. If you have some leftovers, just request your concierge to keep it safe for you.

Book One or Two Shore Excursions

Let’s admit it, the additional shore excursion packages are slightly more expensive than what you could book from local, onshore agents. However, booking a couple of shore excursion packages bring in some additional benefits for that extra money, including experienced guides, travel to and back from the day excursions, the comfortability of travelling with your cruise friends, etc. In fact, it can even be cheaper too with companies like Costa Cruises often offering some discounts for adding such experiences.

Finally, as you would be floating on the sea and mostly be confined within the cruise ship, it’s important that you choose a cruise operator renowned for their experiences and uncompromising service standards. Costa Cruises certainly fall in this category, but it’s always a great idea to compare a few different options.

Many thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have found this post useful in some way for your future cruise experience. You may want to pop over to my travel section for destination ideas.

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  1. Great tips! They sure would come in handy when I eventually go on a cruise. It’s something I really want to do, but haven’t got chance yet.

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