Things To Consider When Moving To Canada From The UK

It must be coming on for 13 years since my older sister prepared herself for moving to Canada from the UK. I know it’s been 10 years this year since we went on holiday to see her there as my passport is up for renewal this year! My sister got the most amazing opportunity with her job to transfer to one of the Canadian offices. Her first stop was Peterborough near Toronto, but now shes in Vancouver.

Things To Consider When Moving To Canada From The UK

After visiting myself I can see why a lot of people put in motion moving to Canada from the UK. It’s a stunning bilingual country having both French and English as their national languages. But they do have guidelines for moving there, which I will explore later.

Why move to Canada?

There are many reasons people want to take up the move, some of them including:

  • Scenery – it’s a stunning place to live. Mountains, lakes, and forests are rife throughout Canada. Not forgetting the magnificent Niagara Falls.
  • Quality of life – There is a good balance between work and home life. This is shown in the number of public holidays on the calendar each year.
  • Healthcare – Canada’s Medicare system is similar to the NHS. It offers free basic health care to everyone, based on what is needed rather than the ability to pay. You can also look into healthcare for seniors like Spectrum Health Care for older members of the family.
  • Familiar – An English speaking country like Canada is familiar to us. I found this when we visited Canada for a few weeks back in 2010. Plus we found all the ingredients for a proper roast dinner in the supermarket!
  • Outdoor lifestyle – Canada is known for it’s outdoors. There are lots of free activities you can do outdoors, like hikes, picnics, BBQs and sports. In fact, most Canadian children spend lots of their childhood outdoors playing in the fresh air.
  • Spacious homes – Canadian homes are larger than UK counterparts. You can look into Buy Mississauga Real Estate for some fantastic homes for your family.
  • Job opportunities – Canada currently has over 300 jobs and occupations in the Federal Skilled Workers programme that can qualify you for fast track entry.
Niagara  Falls Canada

Guidelines on moving to Canada from the UK

  • Research the legal guidelines and requirements for moving to Canada. There are two ways to go about this – economic immigration or family reunification.
  • Look into your finances. Make sure you can afford the move. You can then look into setting up a bank account in Canada.
  • Set out to find a job. It will be easier and less stressful to have a job to go to when you get out there.
  • Find somewhere to live. It’s ideal to have a home to go straight into when you travel over. There are plenty of estate agents who can help with overseas moves.
  • Check out the healthcare in the province you are moving to. These provinces charge health care premiums: British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. The others provide healthcare paid for through taxes.

Here are some tips for long haul travel which you may find useful, click here now to read more.

My husband and I have jokingly talked about doing a move to Canada, but I would hate to leave my mum behind. We will be planning another holiday to Canada in the future though, watch this space!

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