Wicked Uncle Toys – Wooden Train Set Review

We worked with Wicked Uncle back in 2016 on a challenge post with them and it was such great fun! This year we are simply writing a review on a toy we have chosen to look at. Which happens to be a fantastic little wooden railway train set.

Wooden train set review

A little about Wicked Uncle

Wicked Uncle gave us the opportunity to select toys to review with a £40 voucher. I love how their site is divided into age categories plus boys and girls toys. Yes I know some people find it wrong to have boys and girls toys and they should be gender neutral or whatever, but I grew up with girls and boys toys and so did my generation and we are alright!

We chose to browse the 2 year old girls category and also have a look at the 3-year-old ones as well to see what they had to offer. Their tagline ” The home of brilliant children’s presents” is perfect. So much choice available, plus they do lots of little extras, such as gift wrapping, greeting cards and gift messages. There are many different designs to choose from as well.

They test out every product before its stocked; they build the kits, play the games, bake the rainbow cakes, blow the giant bubbles, and test drive the remote-control spiders! They have great pride showcasing a collection of fun, interesting and unusual toys, books and games; a lot of the stock you just won’t find elsewhere.

I love that they are a present finding service and not just your ordinary toy store. Highly recommend visiting if you are looking for gift inspiration ideas for children’s toys. From babies all the way up until teens.

My Little Railway Set Review

Product Description: Lead your parade of trains around the wooden track, but watch out as the banana train passes the sneaky little monkeys – they might jump with glee to grab the tasty treat. Listen as the ladybird train and its magnetic carriages chime melodiously over the xylophone tracks. With lots of bright colours and textures, this unusual and entertaining set is perfect for choo-chooing fun!

RRP: £39.95

Baby girl was excited to open the box and see what was inside.

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

The train set was packed extremely well, in fact I had to get the scissors out to cut through the cable ties. It was hard to do with an impatient 2 year old waiting!

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

The wooden pieces from the train set are of great quality. No sharp edges, bright and colourful. With 17 pieces to the set, it will keep them occupied for ages putting the bits together.

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

The cute little train and carriages have magnets in them to join together on the track.

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

The train and carriages are just the right size for little hands to hold. With bright colours and textures they will catch the eye of any toddler.

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

The jumping monkeys had baby girl in fits of giggles as they jumped out of the trees towards the train as it went past!

Wicked Uncle Wooden Train Set Review

As the train glides over the xylophone part of the track it makes a lovely noise.

Wooden train set review

My Little Railway Set is suitable for ages 18 months and up. The perfect birthday or Christmas gift.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this review of the wooden train set.

*We received a voucher to spend on Wicked Uncle in exchange for this post. 



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  1. I love wooden toys, they are much more durable, hard wearing, and easier to clean, my son loved his wooden track similar to this when he was younger, my girls are 6 and 19 months old and would also love this set like your little one xxx

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