Product Review: Sensio Steamer

I have used a steamer saucepan set that you use on the hob, but never tried an electric steamer. When I was asked to share my thoughts on the Sensio Steamer I was eager to try it out.

Steaming food is much healthier than frying and you don’t lose the goodness out of the food like boiling. It works by continuously boiling water, releasing steam that thoroughly cooks the food in the baskets above without the use of extra oils or fats. This also retains vitamins and nutrients and makes it a far healthier choice than frying or roasting.

Sensio Steamer review

The Sensio Steamer comes with a basic booklet instructing you on how to use and suggesting where to place the meat/fish/vegetables. It has a 60 minute timer and an auto-stop safety feature which turns the machine off if it runs out of water.

Sensio Steamer review

Sensio Steamer Features:

-3 Steaming Baskets
– Power: 800W
– 6.8L Capacity
– 60 Minute Timer
– Water Level Indicator
– Removable Drip Tray
– Pull Out Water Drawer
– Stainless Steel Base

Sensio Steamer review

The three-tier baskets are made of plastic, so be careful you don’t drop and crack them. They are stackable and can be used to store the food in the fridge ready for use when needed.

Sensio Steamer review

With a 6.8 litre capacity it holds a lot of food enough for the whole family. I do like the idea of the little dips in the baskets which are ideal for holding eggs. You would need to find a little plastic basket to pop inside if you wish to steam rice.

Sensio Steamer review

I found the steamer to be sealed tight with no steam being lost. It does go through quite a lot of water, so you need to keep an eye and add more to the base through the little side tray when required.

My one recommendation would be to add a clearer dial, I found it hard to see when putting the timer on.

Sensio Steamer review

Overall, the Sensio Steamer is easy to use, compact for smaller kitchens and it does the job. I will now be looking forward to use it more in the future.

You can buy the Sensio Steamer from Amazon for £34.99 (Price correct as of March 2018)


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*I received the Sensio Steamer in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. I find steamers so much easier than having 3-4 saucepans of vegetables on the hob, they are also easy to clean, unfortunately I lent mine out and it was never returned but i really do need to replace it, this one sounds ideal xxx

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