Cook up a Storm with Hape’s Kitchen and Food Range

We love wooden toys. They last much longer and are sustainably sourced. Hape’s kitchen and food range are designed to be cherished and to last a lifetime. Luckily we were gifted a few of the wooden toys from their range to see what we thought. Designed for ages 1-3+ I’ve had both the girls playing with the new wooden creative toys as soon as they arrived.

Cook up a Storm with Hape’s  Kitchen and Food Range - wooden toy range

Included in Hape’s Kitchen and Food range are kitchen appliances like a blender, toaster, coffee and waffle machine. As well as traditional wooden toys for girls and boys like fruit and vegetables, and their modern day equivalent – healthy basic foods and drinks.

Healthy Basics

So starting off our review we unboxed the Healthy Basics set. I was eager to see what they had included in this.

Healthy Basics wooden toys

In the box

1x milk carton, 1x apple juice, 1x orange juice, 1x strawberry yoghurt, 3x eggs, 1x blueberry jam, 1x block of cheese.

Wooden toys wrapped in paper

Children can learn just what goes into making healthy food choices, with this wooden playset.

wooden eggs
wooden toys - blueberry jam

The pieces are chunky, well made and painted with water-based paint. Good quality wooden toys made to last. My only concern was the wooden straw on the orange carton wasn’t fixed and easily came out, could potentially be a choking hazard.

Available from Amazon

Wooden Garden Vegetables

Pretend play just hit a new high. With this wooden garden vegetable set you have your own knife to chop your vegetable. Great for learning about the 5 a day and healthy eating habits. The pieces are brightly coloured. The ones that can be cut into half are stuck using velcro. A simple but effective way. The corn and leek are whole pieces. I love that this set stimulates little ones imagination. My daughter has been setting up her own cafe with them.

Cook up a Storm with Hape’s  Kitchen and Food Range

In the box

1 x Onion
1 x Pepper
1 x Tomato
1 x Carrot
1 x Leek
1 x Corn
1 x Child Safe Knife

You can check out our YouTube unboxing video further down to see this set in action!

Available From Amazon

Wooden Tea set for two

Most young kids love role playing and making a cup of tea is always popular. My elder daughter is now forever making cups of tea for everyone! I love the cute wooden teabag, it’s the ideal touch.

Wooden teaset for two

In the box

Includes teapot, 2 x cups, tray, spoon, coasters, tea bag, milk and sugar pot

Toys like this help out loads with hand eye coordination and imagination.

Hape’s wonderful selection of puzzles

Chunky Wood Clock Puzzle

As well as the kitchen wooden toys, Hape has a wonderful selection of wood puzzles, like this chunky clock shape sorter puzzle. My 3 year old knows all her numbers and shapes, and is now interested in clocks. So I’ve been explaining to her about time. She also loves her puzzles!

chunky clock puzzle

It has a great little stand on the back you just clip on.

Hape's Kitchen and Food range - wooden clock puzzle

You can fill in the puzzle pieces to complete the bugs all the way around the clock. It helps develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Hape's Kitchen and Food range - shape sorter clock

Available from Amazon

Hape Kitchen and Food Unboxing Video

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this review of Hape’s wooden toys, they are truly brilliant!

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4 thoughts on “Cook up a Storm with Hape’s Kitchen and Food Range

  1. Amazing kitchen set! i would of loved these as a child. great way to teach about diet and nutrition x

  2. What beautiful toys! They look so sturdy I can imagine them coming back out again for your grandchildren in many years time 🙂

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