Elegant Pregnancy Jewellery – The Harmony Ball

Pregnancy is a truly special time. I remember feeling so happy and content during both of my pregnancies. I do wish that at the time I had found some elegant pregnancy jewellery like the Harmony Ball to wear to help me look my best. My first pregnancy was all about relaxation and keeping myself calm for the baby’s development. Especially close to my due date when my husband had to go away for work and couldn’t get out of it. Luckily, if you read the birth story on my eldest she wasn’t in any hurry to come out! Around my due date with my second as you may know, I lost my dad, and because I had to have a c-section, keeping calm again was a priority for the well being of both me and the baby.

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What is the Harmony Ball?

The Harmony Ball is a beautiful piece of jewellery that originated from Indonesia. It is said to protect the unborn baby by the Balinese pregnant women. Here in the western culture, we wear the Harmony Ball to build a connection and a special bond to the baby inside.

elegant pregnancy jewellery - The Harmony Ball

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In pregnancy the baby can start to hear the outside world from as little as 16 weeks. Inside the Harmony jewel are tiny copper balls which create a soft sound as the mother moves. This will be heard by the baby throughout the pregnancy and will be of some comfort for when they are born.

In fact after the baby is born they will be comforted by the sounds of the Harmony Ball if it’s always kept close by. For example hung over the baby’s crib.

Harmony Ball Collections

There are many different designs to choose from. From silver 925 and silver plated, to golden and copper clad. You can pick one that is perfect for you, simple or a little more loud. Some have adjustable cords so that it can change the length to fit perfectly on your growing bump. You can personalise your Harmony jewel with initials. Also available are jewellery in chiselled silver, set with Swarovski crystal, or a coloured jewel.

silver harmony ball pendent
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The elegant Harmony Ball necklaces would make a stunning baby shower gift for a mum to be. Or maybe a Christmas, Valentine’s or Mother’s Day gift, depending on the pregnancy stage.

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post and have found some pregnancy jewellery that is perfect for that special mum to be.

Remember to think of a Harmony Ball next time someone you know is pregnant. It will be a gift they will treasure.

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