Build, Swap, and Battle with Ready 2 Robot

Collectibles are huge at the moment. The latest ones we have been sent to look at are Ready 2 Robot. With these you can build them from scratch, swap and then of course go into battle. But these fun robots are not ordinary. The pilot is suspended in a slime pod and you have to release him for battle.

Ready 2 Robot packs

How cool do these sound??

“The only collectible that lets you build, mix & match your own custom ‘bots, and battle your friends in a robot-brawl inside the Fightanium Arena. Unbox more bots, build your ultimate brawler and blast your way to becoming champion! Last bot standing gets the glory and the bragging rights!”

Ready 2 Robot Series 1

We really enjoyed this blind pack. It’s exciting to see which of the robots we had. The exciting part was opening up each compartment of the pod to see what was inside. Which you can find further down.

Build, Swap, and Battle with Ready 2 Robot series 1

Ready 2 Robot combines the fun and intrigue of mystery blind packs with customisation through building the ultimate mechbot using weapons and accessories. Create your mechbot, add your pilot from his slime pod and win the battle! 19 different mechbots and Pilots Asst provide thousands of customisable combinations.

Ready 2 Robot Series 1

Blind Pack £9.99

Ready 2 Robot Bot Blaster

Each Bot Blaster pack includes extra weapons and accessories to build and customise your mechbots and Pilots Asst for battle. Includes 1 blind packed Ready 2 Robot pod and 5 accessories..

Ready 2 Robot Bot Blaster

Bot Blasters £14.99

All of the Ready 2 Robot selection packs include 1 blind packed pod. Whether you get the Bot Blasters or Battle Packs. I will now go through the step by step process of unboxing one of the blind pack pods.

There is a detailed instruction booklet included that shows each step to building your mechbot.

Ready 2 Robot Bot Blaster

You must open the pod segments in order through 01-04. In 01 you will find the body of the mechbot sealed. So who you get really is a surprise!

As you open pod segments 02 and 03 you will get the arms and legs pieces all sealed. They are ball and socket joints so just pop them in. In total there are seven bot parts, one pilot and slime.

Bot Blaster pack

In segment 04 you will find the small slime pod. You need to push the slime pod from the bottom of the segment up through. This I found a little tough to do, so kids might need some help with this.

Bot Blaster pack

Bot Blaster pack

Once the slime pod has popped out lift the grey lid off to find the unique pilot in the green slime.

Bot Blaster pack

The fun part is pulling the slime off him! The slime is like a puddle of gloop and stays in one piece, so you can pop it back in.

Bot Blaster pack

The pilot will fit in side the mechbot. This mechbot is called Mama’s Boy. You get a collectible sheet with everyone so you can tick off your squad as you find them.

Bot Blaster pack

You can reassemble the pod by aligning the numbers on each side. Flip it upside down to use as a stand for your mechbot and pilot. You can also attach all the stands from all the blind packs you collect to link all the pods in a row.

Ready 2 Robot Battle Pack – Beat Down

Ready 2 Robot Battle Packs provide everything you need for the ultimate battle! Armed with 2 mechbots and 4 Pilots Asst, you’ll build and battle right out of the box. Over 10 layers to unbox and 20 total pieces, so you can customise your mechbots for battles in hundreds of ways!

Ready 2 Robot Battle Pack - Beat Down

Available From

Smyths Toys and Amazon

Overall Thoughts

We loved putting together the mechbots. This is one of the better collectibles on the market with so much to do and entertain. It is recommended for 5 years plus, but I would say it’s better suited to the older age range. With lots of surprises along the way, I think for £9.99 for a blind pack it can be a little expensive. Although keep an eye out for sale prices. (At the time of writing this the Blind Pack is £6.99 at Smyths Toys and Amazon)

Keep an eye out for the rare special edition light up robot Half-Pipe. 1 in 1000 pods will contain the rare figure.


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*We received these Ready 2 Robot packs in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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