5 Ways How To Celebrate National Handwriting Day

Today it’s National Handwriting Day, a day to celebrate all things hand writing or hand written if you must! I love nothing more than to pick up a pen or pencil and writing in one of my hundreds of notebooks. There is something special about handwriting and maybe nowadays we just don’t do it often enough. With my daughter starting preschool in April, we have been getting to grips with writing and drawing.

National Handwriting Day

Typing has become the most common way of writing, so it is important to put pen (or pencil) to paper and ensure that handwritten memoirs don’t become a thing of the past. STABILO is committed to keeping penmanship alive and with their range of products, there is something to suit everyone, whatever writing style; children and adults alike.

So what is National Handwriting Day and how did it come about?

5 Ways How To Celebrate National Handwriting Day

The history behind National Handwriting Day

So National Handwriting Day was created by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association in 1977.  Their motive is to promote the use of pens, pencils and writing paper.  The 23rd January was chosen as this is the birthday of John Hancock. He was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence, and known for his big and bold signature.

Why is handwriting important?

Studies have shown that writing helps to improve the memory. Learning is more efficient when writing new text down rather than typing it out. Handwriting is unique to the individual and helps us to think while we write. It’s also more personal and intimate. Handwriting is much more creative.

How to celebrate National Handwriting Day

There are lots of things you can do today, to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Here are some of my favourite things to do.

  • Write a letter or postcard – You could get in touch with friends by writing a letter or sending them a postcard. I’m going to send my sister in Canada a little thank you note from the girls for their Christmas presents.
5 Ways How To Celebrate National Handwriting Day
  • Do some colouring – There are lots of fantastic adult colouring books around. It’s very fun, relaxing and the perfect way to destress and unwind. It’s known to be similar to art therapy, so has been shown to reduce anxiety, create focus, and encourage mindfulness.
  • Doodle – If you have a few spare minutes, doodle! The great thing about doodling is that it can be done anywhere and everywhere! Doodling brings out your creative side and can help with your handwriting.
5 Ways How To Celebrate National Handwriting Day
  • Practice your signature – I remember having great fun when I was in my teens practising my signature. When I got married though I didn’t bother to change it, although it was the perfect time to reinvent my scrawling signature. You can try different styles, spellings and initials. Use your full name, in fact there are endless variations for yourself. You can also do a little research on what your handwriting says about you! Handwriting is a window into personality traits and preferences. Graphology is the study of handwriting, and people do this for a living. I’ve always wondered what my handwriting says about me.
  • Start a bullet journal – This is something I would love to start. I’ve seen so many ideas on Pinterest on starting a bullet journal and it looks like lots of fun. Plus a great organisational planner, which I need for my busy working mum life. It’s a great way to celebrate National Handwriting Day by going back to basics with a a pen and a journal.

Do you plan on doing anything for National Handwriting day? Have you got your pen and paper at the ready?

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