The Best Father’s Day Ideas – Some Handy Tips

Bringing up kids is demanding for both mums and dads, and Father’s Day is a great time to make your partner feel appreciated. It’s also fast approaching, which means there isn’t loads of time to get something organised.

With that in mind, here’s how to make the day special for him, without spending a fortune.

The Best Father’s Day Ideas – Some Handy Tips-

Making Father’s Day magical – some ideas

  • Get the kids involved as much as possible. This might not be an option if your children are very young, but if they’re aged four or above, they can definitely help to plan something out for their dad. For example, if the weather’s nice, they could help prepare breakfast for him in the garden. If they’re into arts and crafts, they could make him a poster or a card. Make sure they feel involved with the process.
  • Make it about him. What does your partner most love doing? For example, if he enjoys watching football, you could purchase tickets to a local match, or coordinate with other parents nearby to set up a football game for all the dads in the park. Alternatively, if he loves a good roast dinner, book a table at a local pub, or cook one at home.  
  • Make a ‘Father’s Day hamper’. Fill a box with lots of fun gifts for him to enjoy. They don’t have to be expensive (or even cost anything). For example, you could get some seedlings for the garden, some chocolate bars or bottles of ale, or of course, there’s always the novelty socks – the ultimate Father’s Day present. If you want to treat him to a special gift like a bottle of Creed Aventus, remember that there are cheaper, ‘inspired by’ options.
  • Get to the beach (or the wood). If you’re lucky enough to live near a good beach, why not spend the day there? If the weather’s warm, you could all take a dip in the sea, or enjoy a picnic on the sand. There are likely to be some great walks nearby too, which is ideal for enjoying a bit of bracing sea air. Don’t have a beach nearby? A forest or wood is another appealing option, or even a national park or nature reserve.
  • Go for a bike ride. A casual weekend bike ride is an excellent way to get out and about as a family. This is especially the case if you’re all cycling towards a lovely café or restaurant; this always feels like a good treat after a bit of physical exertion. Think about what your partner likes to eat, then plan accordingly.
  • Make it a family affair. If you’ve got a father or father-in-law yourself, you might want to come up with an activity that gets everyone involved. This is particularly lovely if everyone gets on well together. A barbeque in the garden, followed by some outdoor games, might be the perfect event for the whole family.

Remember, the main thing is for your partner to be made to feel special. So, leave the household chores, and devote the entire day to having fun and enjoying yourselves.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Father’s Day Ideas – Some Handy Tips

  1. lots of great ideas, I definitely think it’s nice to have a special experience rather than getting some boring gift.

  2. I hope the weather is okay, as I plan to take my hubby to Cromer for the day and eat Fish and Chips overlooking the pier. Have a lovely day with your family too.

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